This is the first post to my first blog, so I want to keep it simple, briefly introduce myself, and set the stage for what will be offered here.
My name is Tim W. I am currently serving in the military, and with my job being physically fit is a must. I have always been active, and the military was a great place to do a lot of the things I enjoy. Where else can you get paid to workout every morning, go “camping” and back packing in places no one would ever want to. Shoot stuff, and then get to go on “business” trips to apply those skills in another country. It has been awesome.
To be able to do the job easier, being fit has always been top priority. Through the years I have been able to continually learn new exercises, equipment, routines, and most importantly experiment and see what works, and doesn’t. My views on weightlifting, calisthenics, and cardio have changed drastically over the years. What you will find here is where I am at now and how I got here. Later, as this evolves, we will find out where we end up.
A few things that have been guides are found in the name of this blog: faith, iron sweat, chalk. They represent more than just the words definition, but are now principles.
Faith- in divine providence, country, self, others, your training and those who train you. Bottom line is you must have faith in who and what you are, and what you are doing. Faith is reinforced by education, and experience.

Iron- nothing new or flashy, no chrome or the latest gimmick, but proven methods and basic exercises. A barbell, and some plates, or a pull up bar, some open ground and your own devices.

Sweat- good ol’ fashion hard work. Effort, intensity, getting down and dirty.

Chalk- your connection to your implement of choice. No gloves, no straps, just calloused palms and chalk.

I’ll elaborate and discuss these later in more detail, but as I look back over the years, these principles have been used over and over by me in addressing my troops, and discussing workouts more than any others.
Finally, some ground rules- if you wish to comment, I ask to please refrain from cursing, bigotry, and disparaging remarks directed at anyone. Disagree with everything, or agree, but do so respectfully. Everyone has the power to impact the lives of other people in positive ways.
With that said,
take care, and good lifting

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