Goerner’s “the chain” pt II

After reading about Goerner’s workouts again monday night, I decided to do a whole workout loosely following one his.

First up, “the chain” using dumbbells. Started at the 20 pounders, and worked my way up 5lbs at a time to 90lbs left handed, and 95 right handed.

Next were DB snatches. Started at 25 pounds and worked up by 10lb jumps to 95 left handed and 105 right hand.

Next I did some barbell work-
1 hand barbell clean and jerk singles. Started at 95lb and added 5lbs up to 105 left handed, and 115 right hand.

Now I switched to 2 hand clean and jerks.
I did 4 sets, of 3 hang cleans and then a jerk at 115. This was something I had never done before following all the 1 hand work, and I have to say it took all 4 sets before my technique came back.

Once I felt comfortable with the clean and jerk, I moved to power clean and jerk singles. Started at 135, and added 10lb each set until I hit a new PR of 200lbs overhead.

I will admit to not being very good at 2 hand barbell overhead lifts. I always seem to do better with one handed lifts, and most of my overhead work is done with high rep kettle bells, but to finally get 200 locked over head, I can’t wait to see how long it takes to get the 225 up. Now I have a new goal.

After the workout, I did some mobility work and stretching. It was a great workout, and all of it based off an iron history icons work.

Take care and good lifting,

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