The Next 6Weeks

I apologize for the lack of posts, but family and work issues have priority on both time and energy.

Today is saturday, and after long deliberation, I have decided to embark on another forray into the 20rep squat routine. I have already set my schedule, and worked out the sessions. Monday starts the cycle, and I am starting to get pumped up again thinking about the weeks to come.

My start weight for this cycle will be the 280 that stuck me in the hole last time. As it looks right now I will only be squating one time a week, and the second heavy day will be dedicated to deadlifting. The remaining days will be work capacity, stamina, and snow shoeing/ foot marching with equipment.

The last 2 weeks have been nice, and the focus on recovery have really helped get rid of some aches and pains. I set two PR’s during the last week, and found all the rest of my lifts maintaining.

my current PR’s for lifts are below. I have performed each of these during regular training within the last six months.
(*denotes a new PR)


Bench (barbell)

Dead lift (barbell)
225×29 in 1 minute (no bouncing, dead stop)
405x1x20 (20 singles, which took about 27 minutes to complete)

Barbell clean and jerk

1arm barbell clean and jerk

Body weight
77 burpee pull ups in 20 minutes*
92 pushups in 1:15
89 situps in 2 minutes
2 mile run 14:49 ( really working on lowering my run time)

24kg snatches
5 minutes 100. exactly. I have only done this one time.
10 minutes 177. I have done this on 4 occasions.

80lb Sand bag get ups
69 in 10 minutes.

That’s all for now. I have a big post I am working on, and trying to work some video into it.

Until next time,

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