I couldnt wait for monday!

Ok, so yesterday I posted my intentions for another 6 weeks of 20 rep squats. The cycle’s scheduled to start monday, but I couldn’t wait and went ahead and started today. It all works out, because tomorrow is packed with meetings, classes, and a physical so the gym might not have happened.

The last two weeks of technique work, just focusing on the exercises I enjoy, and total rest days were really needed and they paid dividends today.

Today’s workout will be the monday workout for the next 6 weeks. There are some exercises in it that will be changed or modified, but the basic scheme will remain the same.
The workout:
Warm up-
Some mobility work and a lite jog
The 5rounds of
5 x “Mr Spectacular” with 24kg kettle bells (from Military Athlete)
5x Burpee pull ups

Thick Bar Work (2″ axle)-
Over head press 3×12 at 75lbs
Bench press 3×10 at 165lbs
Bent over rows 2×15 at 135lbs
Curls 2×10 at 75lbs
Squats 1×20 today’s load was 280lbs
Dumb bell pullovers 1×20 at 50lbs
Calves raise 3×20 at 90lbs

I kept the weight low with the Thick bar, and kept the form very strict. When I got to the squats, I did several sets working up to 280 to dial in my technique, and then went after it. To get to 20 was awesome, but damn, it hurt.

Lessons Learned and Applied today:
One thing I learned from last cycle was that I fail to force the belly out later in the set. This time I wore a belt. It was not set tight, but only snug enough to keep it in place. To have a reference point really helped me focus on my breathing and setting the abs every rep. Another improvement was my hands were closer together by about an inch on each side, and doing this kept the elbows under the bar making my body much tighter.

Today was a beast, but it will be the heaviest day the whole week. I will only squat one day a week, and friday will be dead lift work. After today, I am glad I made that decision. My hamstrings, hips and butt are already aching, and some cramping set in earlier today that was no fun at all.

I am applying lessons learned from last cycle, and seeing improvements in both my technique, and results.

Till next time,

Take care and good lifting,


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