The Last Two Days

Tuesday had me worried, but today my hamstring is feeling much better. I shuffled two of the workouts around and did some swapping of exercises, but yesterday and today were good workouts. I feel like I am back on track for a good squat session on Monday.

Wednesday- pulled one of my old favorite favorites out of the trunk.

  1. 10 down to 1 pull ups, with 20 reps of push ups between sets of pull ups
  2. 10 down to 6 ankles to bar with 20 reps of ab exercises between sets
  3. Finished with some neck machine and 200 meters of farmers walk with 70lb dbs

I felt slow on the pull ups. I have been doing so many burpee pull ups, where the momentum helps get me to the top, that the strict full range movement feels slow and “out of the groove”.

Today- I was supposed go go snow shoeing, but decided the goal for this week was to make sure I was able to do the squats on monday, so I did a gym based session.

  1. Warm up 5×10 each arm of 24kg. Kettle bell snatches. After doing both arms, I did 20 band pull aparts.
  2. Concept 2 rower- 1000m, 1000m, 500m, 500m, 500m

The kettle bells feel like the pull ups from the other day. Slow and I was not able to get into the groove until the last set. Need to get my technique back.

Tomorrow is a quick but heavy weight day. Hopefully the leg feels as good as it does today.

Till next time, take care and good lifting


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