Trap bars, and Farmers handles

Here are Fridays and Saturdays workouts, both being less than 50 minutes each. Nice to be in and out of the gym for a change.


Friday evening I was feeling very good. it was the end of the work week, I had passed the course i was attending for work and just ready to hit the weights again.

  1. I warmed up with some light calisthenics, and stretching, and finished with “the chain” working from 20lbs by 5’s to a strict 75lbs each arm.
  2. Trap bar dead lifts – I did several singles with increasing weight to 290. With 290 it was 20 reps. I did not get this unbroken, and it ended up being done in 5 rep increments. There was no long rests, just enough to shake the hands out, and re chalk before continuing the set. My hands were feeling a little beat up from the kettle bell work the day before.
  3. Dumbell pull overs – 1×20 reps with a 40lb dumbbell
  4. Finished off with 60 calve raises on plate loaded seated calve machine.

I was scheduled to finish up with some heavy farmers walks, but my hands were fried, so I put the farmers off till saturday.

Saturday – this was an unscheduled session, but i am glad i did it.
Warmed up with some stretching and moved into progressively faster 50m sprints until i felt sufficiently warm and loose.

  1. The only exercise was farmers carries.
  1. 115 for 2×75 meters
  2. 165 each hand for 1x 75 meters, and 1×50 meters (this is where my left hand gave out on me and i wasn’t able to hold on anymore even with a 2 minute rest.) I dropped the weight and then finished with
  3. 115 each hand x 25 meters

Slightly disappointed in my farmers walk, but it will improve. A co-worker and I did the farmers walk last year at the local Highland Games. 173 per hand. I got 5th place, and really want to win this year. For now, I am going to focus on the program at hand. But come the spring, farmers carries are going to occupy more and more of my attention. I now realize my grip strength has gone down some.

Until next time, take care and good lifting,


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