Wednesday started on the right foot

Wednesday started off on the right foot indeed. Monday and tuesdays workouts did not happen due to work, and other time restrictions. So wednesday morning, after all the morning business was done, I found an hour and a half free, so off to the gym for the monday scheduled workout.

Thick Bar Work (2″ axle)-
Over head press 3×12 at 75lbs
Bench press 3×10 at 135/ 165/ 195
Bent over rows 2×15 at 135lbs
Curls 2×10 at 75lbs

Regular Barbell
Squats 1×20 today’s load was 285lbs
Dumb bell pullovers 1×20 at 50lbs

I tried something different this time. Immediately following every set of thick bar exercises I did 3 3eps of squats, adding weight to the bar 20lbs at a time till it was time for the 20 reps set. This really seemed to work out great as it added more intensity to the work, cut down on training time, and by the time I hit the squats I was thoroughly warmed up.

The 20 reps were done again with a loose belt to help with breathing. I had no issues with my hamstring, and despite some next day soreness, I felt great.

Wednesday, even though it started out on the right foot, ended up being a really long day. work started at the normal 0550, finished at 1800, but I ended up having to go back into work at 2130 to deal with an issue that came up and did not go back home until 0200 thursday. 2 1/2 hours of sleep and back to work at 0550 for the long slog through thursday knocked out my workout for that day. Friday I will do 2 workouts to catch up.

Until next time

Take care and good lifting,


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