This week so far

This week has been a long one. Lots of stuff going on at work, and not much free time on the calendar for anything. I was able to fit some pretty good workouts in there, but this shuffling of the schedule is getting old, and a nagging injury has made me slightly gun shy while under the bar. Here are the workouts from this week so far…

Stamina focused-
10 down to 1 pull ups, with 25 reps of different ab exercises between sets.

5×5 of ankles to bar, with 25 reps of push ups between sets.

Bench press, and kb swing super set-
3 rounds with the rep scheme of 30-20-10
Barbell @ 155 lbs
KB @ 32kg

Whole workout took 45 minutes.

Squat focused-
Thick bar work
Over head press strict- 3×12 at 85lbs
Bent over row- 2×15 at 105lbs
Curls- 2×10 at 85lbs

Olympic bar bench press-
In between sets I performed 2 reps of squats working up by 10lb increments until it was time for the 20 rep attempt at 290. Now I had hernia repairs about 4 years ago, and they have never felt right since the repair. It has always been a mental block for me when ever I go for either max weights or effort. A week or so ago I tweaked something in my lower abs/hip flexor area, and I worry that it may be a recurrence. Time will tell. On the 20 rep attempt, I found my self shifting more of the weight over to my right side, like I was avoiding the injury. After 5 reps I racked the bar and called it a day. Shifting to one side every rep was not going to be good for anything other than hurting something. Oh well.

5 minutes max reps of KB snatches at 24kg – 90reps

Max reps of pushups before having to stop- 55 in 45 seconds

Max situps before having to catch my breath- 56 in 1 minute 10 seconds

1/2 mile run- 4 minutes (this sucks as a time btw, and I know I was dragging ass, but didn’t think it was this bad)

Finished with max reps of chin ups before loss of form- 26

Took me about 26 minutes including rests between exercises to complete.

I will post again this evening with todays workout. At least I am caught up. For now, take care, and good lifting.


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