Last workout of week three (a miss on 20 rep goal)

The last workout of week 3. This week was a very busy week in regards to work. If it wasn’t training, it was meeting after meeting, paperwork catch up, more meetings, and finally looming over it all was the possibility of being called in to be a notification officer. To top it off, Friday was spent tending to one of the family dogs that had surgery and came home needing extra attention. Thankfully she came out of it doing fine.Saturday:
Warm up: 3 rounds
10 hindu push ups
10 military presses
10 rear delt flies
6 cossack squats each way
10 step ups 18″ box
3 pvc shoulder dislocates

Squat work

  1. 2 reps per weight, with breaks of 2 minutes between sets. Increased weight in 30lb increments till i hit 285.
  2. Loaded the bar to 290, and with no belt, went for 20 reps. I got 12 reps at parallel, but had to rack the bar after a failed 13th rep. My weight shifted squarely onto my right side and i again felt discretion was the better part of valor. During the whole warm up, and the squats leading up to the 20rep attempt, i made sure that the weight was even on both hips/ legs, and that the drive up to lockout was even. Everything went well until that 13th rep, and my focus shifted off of form, and so did the weight. With this weeks miss, 300×20 will be the goal for the six week cycle, that is if i make the reps and 5lb increase every week till then.
  3. Dumbbell pull overs at 40lbs for 20 reps
  4. Calve raises, seated 3×20 at 90 lbs of plates.

For a finisher, I grabbed the 20kg kettle bells, and set the clock for 10minutes. I was able to get 67 clean and presses in the 10 minutes. These were presses, and not push presses, or jerks. Not sure how this compares, because this is the first time i have done these for time, so i will compare future attempts to this.

Following the kettle bells, I did five minutes of Burpee Pull ups. I only managed 20 of these in the time allotted, but it felt good, and I believe my next 20 minute max rep attempt will yield higher numbers. 77 was my last total, and 100 in 20 min is my next goal.

Till next time, take care and good lifting


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  1. 20 reps at 290 is nuts…seriously…for me at least.

    • I think its nuts too, everytime I get under the bar I’m wondering what the heck I’m doing it for. not sure of the carry over to performance in other exercises yet, but this is only the second time doing this style of work. will see, I guess.


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