Week 4 recap pt1

This was another long week for work. I really don’t know where it went it flew by so fast. Monday:
I was really dragging ass, and just mentally tired, but went to the gym anyway. In the end i am glad that I did. Felt great afterwards and refreshed.

  1. Warm up: 1/2 mile run
  2. 4 rounds as fast as possible
  • 10 pull ups
  • 10 overhead presses with 20kg kettle bells followed by 10 pushups
  • 30 crunches
  • 40 air squats
  • 50 swings with a 20kg KB

I got all the exercises unbroken, and between rounds took minimal time to catch my breath before starting the next round. Total time including the warm up run was 32:26. Good workout, and in and out of the gym with a quickness.

I found an hour break in the morning, and went and got another quick workout in. I had seen the bench press/ pull up scheme before as a Crossfit workout somewhere before, and with the time constraint decided to try it.

  1. 5 rounds in 10 minutes of max reps bench press at body weight, and pull ups. The bar was loaded to 195lbs. Here are the numbers by round- 1) 20BP, 20PU; 2) 10BP, 14PU; 3) 6BP, 15PU; 4). 4BP, 8PU; 5) 2BP, 4PU. Total of 42 bw bench presses, and 61 pull ups in ten minutes.
  2. 30 second plank, followed by 30 second handstand (against a wall). Did 9 minutes of this, rotating front and side planks every set.
  3. 5 rounds of 40 step ups to a 18″ box, and 5 burpee pull ups in 20 minutes. I finished 3 of the last five burpee pullups when the timer sounded.

I usually do not try and hit total muscle failure on most exercises when I work out, but I am thankful for the saving pins of the power rack during the bench presses. From the third round on, the bar was left on the pins, due to failure, and after hitting the pull ups, picking the bar back up to the rack was not enjoyable while eating into what little rest I had between sets.

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday were all work and no play. I did get to the gym yesterday, and I have a quick workout planned for today, but I’ll post those this afternoon. Gotta run,

Take care, and good lifting


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