Week 4 recap pt2

I am feeling pretty sore today, so despite wanting to get a workout in, I decided to take it easy and focused on stretching, eating, and sleeping. The long week ahead was a big factor in the decision.

Here is yesterday’s workout. Saturday:

  1. Warm up- “the chain” from 20lbs to 80lbs by 5lb increments.
  2. 5/4/3/2/1 one hand dumbbell push press/jerks all with the 100lb dumbbell ( my left hand was a little weaker, only able to get the following reps 3/3/2/2/1)
  3. Bench Press – 10×165/ 8×195/ 6×235 all good and in good form
  4. Squats – 135×5/ 165×4/ 195×3/ 225×2/ 255×1/ 290×10 ( my hip area, was feeling very good today, and the doc couldn’t find any signs of a hernia earlier in the week, so i thought today was the day. All the reps were smooth, the weight was in the groove, and my confidence was up. Damn it, if i felt the twinge in the hip again. Oh well, its gone now, and no harm done, but i bailed on the set. Ugh, i hate set backs. )
  5. Seated Calves raise – 3x20x95

I am really feeling the overhead work from yesterday. Felt great despite the miss on the squats.

Take care, and good lifting


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  1. Seated calf raise, that’a boy!!

    • I always forget to do calf work, so much so that I even forget how to spell calf/or calves for the body part. For some reason the only time I do them is during the Squat cycles. Arnold made them a priority during his career, and I think I need to do the same before the mountains clear up, and I start hiking again. Do you hit the calves regularly?

      • Arnold!! I dont work my calves regularly at all actually; I used to, just not anymore. Any extension I get at my ankles is from cleans/snatches, which arent an isolation exercise but they do get the calves going pretty well. There used to be a donkey-calf machine at my old gym that I really enjoyed, from a flexibility as well as strength standpoint. However, those are pretty rare nowdays in any commercial gym.

      • I still like Arnold Schwarzenegger, pre politics. When he wanted to build his lagging calves up, he didn’t cover them up, and used his weakness and embarrassment as a tool to keep him focused. I believe George Hackenshmidt, said something to the effect of having a well regulated contempt for your current weight. I need stronger ankles for forced marches in the mountains for the job, and better calf strength and endurance for uphill under weight. Using Schwarzenegger’s idea of exposing his weakness, and building it up, instead of hiding it seems like a pretty good game plan.
        Never really liked body building, couldn’t relate to it as well as i could reading Calvert, Jowett, Kubik, Saxon etc. Still like old Schwarzenegger though.

      • Agreed, Arnold was the man in the 70’s, best physique ever in my opinion.

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