Long week, new pull up bar, and grip

Wow, this week was a full week. Only managed one workout, on Monday, and todays workout will hopefully close the week out with a PR. Mentally exhausted is a good way to describe how I felt during most of the week.

Being mentally exhausted does not mean i didn’t enjoy it though. To be out in the field training Soldiers on their basic skills, and tasks is what I enjoy doing the most. With the position I now hold, most of my time is spent on administrative duties and paperwork, so a chance to get out there in the woods and move around is always welcome. Training the next generation of troops, is what keeps me feeling young.

Anyway, here is mondays workout. This was a light workout, and i finally got to use my new pull up bar in the garage.

  1. 4 rounds of 25 overhead squats with the bar only
  2. 4 rounds of: 5 ring pull ups, 5 eagle loop pull ups, 5 thick bar chin ups, 5 chin ups, 5 pull ups.
  3. 5 rounds of 10 24kg KB snatches (5ea hand)
  4. Finished with 100 band pull aparts

I am going to start working on my grip again. That was something i always enjoyed doing before, but for the last year I let it slide. My grip toys have been lonely, and collecting dust.

  • Right hand: 5 credit card set closes (CCS) with Ironmind #2; then 5 credit card set closes with my filed down #1
  • Left hand: 10 parallel set closes with the filed down Ironmind #1
  • Did all the closes without chalk.

The #2 I used for the right hand is a newer model I bought in 2008. It is a lot easier then my older #2 I bought back in 2004. My current goal is to get multiple CCS closes with my older filed down #2. My long term goal is to finally get a CCS with my Beef Builder Super Master. I can still close the super master with a parallel set.

I’ll post again later today, till then take care and good lifting


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