Workout takes a life of its own

Yesterday’s workout did not go as planned, but took a life of its own. I wanted to give 20reps a good shot before the end of the week, but week 5 is now done and week 6 will be my last shot at getting 290.

Saturday :
The workout was a back and forth adventure, squats and upper body. I have been doing this lately to knock time off of my workouts, and to make sure I have my technique dialed in for the 20rep attempt. Doing it this way keeps the work moving, and I feel I am better prepared for the squats than when I hit upper body, then lower. Hopefully I can write this in a way that is easy to follow.

  1. Super set 1- squats and “the chain”: (Squats weigt and reps/ “the chain” weight) 135×5/ 20, 25, 30, 35, 40; 135×5/ 45, 50, 55; 165×3/ 60, 65; 195×3/ 70; 225×2/ 80 This where i transitioned to the next super set
  2. Super set 2- squats and 1 hand dumbbell jerks at 105lbs: (squat wgt x reps/ jerk reps by hand) 255×2/ 5r 4L; 285×2/ 4r 3L; 315×1/ 3r 3L; 325×1/ 2r 2L; 335×1/ 1r 1L. Next super set
  3. Super set 3- Bench press and squats: (bench wgt x rep/ squat wgt x rep) 165×10/ 225×5; 195×8/ 225×5; 225×6/ 225×5
  4. Calf and neck- 1×30 at 65lbs calf raises; 10 reps each direction on the neck machine at 25 lbs
  5. Finisher- loaded the squat bar to 415, un-racked the bar and held the weight on the shoulders for 30 seconds. I did this two times.

It took me about an hour and a half to finish. When written out it looks like a lot, but it really didn’t seem like it at the time. My last workout was monday, and with the extra time away from the gym, I needed this. All the weeks stress is now gone, and damn I feel better now.

New piece of equipment:
I bought a pair of Minimus running shoes by New Balance. They are barefoot running shoes with the Vibram soles. I like these shoes. Now I no longer have to take my shoes off to squat in socks which was always a pain in the butt when I was doing back to back exercises. I have not run in them yet, but i can’t wait to see how they feel.

Take care and good lifting,


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  1. Jim Besenyei

     /  April 1, 2012

    Sounds like a good lift.

    As far as the minimalist shoes, they really do make a big difference. Where I currently lift I am not permitted to take off my shoes to lift in my socks. So, I scoured the Earth for a minimalist shoe in size 16 and eventually found a pair (Altra’s). I used to lift in Chuck’s but the minimalist shoe is superior, in my opinion, because of the increased ground feel. Running takes a bit of getting used to. A friend told me to take it easy so, being a stubborn SOB, I didn’t take his advice and ended up with shin splints for a couple of days. However, now that I’ve adapted I can’t imagine running in a pair of pillows again.

  2. Nice volume. As far as the minimalist shoes, I still rock the socks for deads and squats.


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