Recap of last workout

Yesterday was the last squat workout for the 6 week cycle, and I’m glad that it finished with a win. 290 has been hanging over my head for the last few weeks, and frustration with missed workouts and super busy work schedule were beginning to get to me.

I found an hour free yesterday morning to squeeze in a workout. As I headed to the gym, i decided that squats were going to be the whole focus of the workout, and that I think was the recipe for success: morning workout and single focus.

  1. Warm up:3 rounds of- 10 hindu push ups/ 10 military press 25 lb db’s/ 10 rear delt flies 25lb db’s all done back to back; 5 walking lunges per leg; squats (per round) 135×4/ 165×4/ 195×4
  2. Worked up the weights for the squats in 30lb increments for 2 reps each. 225/255/285
  3. Work set: 290×20
  4. Db pull overs with 40lb db x20
  5. Calf raises 65lb x 30x 2 sets

I took about 5 minutes to get ready for the work set. As I am staring at the bar, one of my buddies comes in and starts making smart ass comments to me along the lines of how the weight wasn’t going to lift itself, and some old man remarks, etc. He sat down, and was going to watch.

Its a good thing he did. At rep #9, I told him to keep count for me and he kept me honest with each rep he counted off. I was to busy focusing on each single rep to count anymore. Reps 10 thru 16 were not to bad, but those last four were a beast. When i dropped in the hole for #20 I went really not knowing if i would ever come back up, and at lock out I basically had to fall forward to re rack the bar. What an awesome feeling.

Today i’m hitting upper body, and the grippers pretty hard, as well as reviewing the last 6 weeks and sorting out good and bad lessons learned for future references. Till next time ,

Take care and good lifting,


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  1. Jim Besenyei

     /  April 9, 2012

    Nice work Tim! 290 x 20 is beast. High rep squats promote so much growth, tenacity, and pure strength. Not sure if you’ve seen this yet, if not I’m sure you’ll appreciate it after getting that 290 lbs monkey off your back:

    • awesome video! I had not seen that yet, but I like the captions under the rep count. I was thinking many of the same things, but damn I have a long way to go to get to the weights he is using. thanks for the video, very motivating

  1. Year in the rear view mirror « Faith, Iron, Sweat, Chalk

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