6 Week Review

It has been incredibly busy at work this past week, but I was able to review the last squat cycle and come up with a few lessons learned for next time.
The good:

  1. Cutting back to one squat session every week. This seemed to help alot with my ability to recover fully before hitting the cage the next time. My first run through this started light, and built up every workout at a steady pace. With the weights I was going to be using this time I decided that would have been to much both mentally and physically.
  2. Lower volume during the rest of the week. This was not really planned, but happened because of work requirements. Planned workouts were missed, and a hip injury thrown into the mix necessitated fewer workouts, and the lower overall volume. The workouts I did get in had alot to them, but with all the extra rest I was getting it worked out.
  3. Heavy overhead work. I was more focused on hitting overhead db’s, and less on heavy benches. After getting 200 overhead, the thought of getting 225 has stuck with me.

The bad:

  1. Not enough running or work capacity: when i did get to the gym, my focus seemed to be towards the weight. I did make an effort to keep the intensity high and the rest periods short, but in the end my cardio suffered.
  2. I did not prepare for high reps going into this. Going from 5×5, and 5-4-3-2-1 and heavy singles did not translate over to 20reps very well. I need to prepare with increased repetitions going into this next time. Working in the 10-12 rep range several weeks prior will help prevent injury, and get the gears working right again.
  3. Eat more calories. My calorie intake was not as consistent as i would have liked. Missed meals, and not getting enough protein (both meats and shakes). My last time through was luckily through the holidays, so eating enough to recover was not hard at all. I did more last time, and ate more and had no issues with energy or recovering. I think the success of that last squat workout was due to a conscious effort to pound down the food that week.

The big take away from this was nutrition. Eating more probably would have helped more than anything, and I think I let it go believing that I could fight through anything. I’m not sure, but next time eating like a horse will be number one on the priority list.

This week I’m just putting a hurting on the body, but with lower weights, and higher reps. Next week begins a two week cycle focused on stamina, and building up recovery ability. Thursday was awesome as I revisited a workout I have done several times before. Inspired by a Military Athlete workout, I’ll be doing the full version of it again the second week.

  • 15-14-13-12-11-10-9-8-7-6 reps of:
  1. 185lb deadlift
  2. Clean and press with the 20kg kettle bells
  3. 135lb back squat
  • After the dead lifts and squats i did 5 standing russian twists
  • To finish each round there were 5 reps of “scotty bobs”. With 25lb dbs ( push up right row, push up left row=1 reps)

Felt great working a ton of volume, after several days of no gym time. It also helped work out some of the stress that had built up from the office.

I am playing catch up this weekend, and will be posting several more time to get caught up. Till next time

Take care, and good lifting


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