Last Two Weeks Review

This has been a very two busy weeks. I had about fifty things going on, and i think i ended up getting half of them done. So here we go:

Last week I was in charge of running the 34′ jump tower for some high school JROTC students. The 34′ tower is used to train Paratroopers the basics of exiting an aircraft and their initial actions in the air. All it is is a big zip line really. None of us like doing it, and would rather jump from the real thing. 34′ is high up there.

These students impressed me. Some of them had done this before, but were here to do it again. Even though they had done it before some were visibly shaking before heading up. The thing is, they overcame their fear, and did it anyway. We did not have one student refuse to exit, and some even told us to push them out if they froze because they were not going to walk back down the steps. I have adults that have not shown that kind of courage in the tower.

Finally had my ultrasound, and they found a small hernia at my old repair site. I can’t tell you how happy I am. I have a doctors follow up coming up, but right now I will continue to train around it like i did last time, and listen to my body during the big lifts. Squat and dead lift PR’s might be on the back burner for a while.

Despite the hernia, I am still making gains in several of my lifts, but i have begun the shift over to endurance training for the mountains this summer. If the weather we have had so far this spring holds up, it is shaping up to be a great one.

I was going to give a shot at a local Strongman competition the middle of May, but it seems to have been cancelled. The event info on the site have been pulled down, and right now the word on the street is it is not happening. I really wanted to give this a try, but everything happens for a reason.

Now the Highland Games this summer are still on. I will not be in the games, but i have entered in two of the extra events they host. I will be giving the farmers carry another go, and this year I will also give the challenge stone throw a shot. Last year i got 5th place in the farmers walk, and with this years preparation I hope to give the state record a serious attempt.

Last year was the first year I got to go to the event, and I’m hooked now. This year, volunteers were needed to help with running the events. The e-mail yesterday has me slated as an assistant judge for the individual events. With this comes a chance to get some hands on experience at their events clinic the week before, and a chance to really see how I need to train in order to compete in the full games next year. I am really pumped up about this chance to learn, and compete.

Remedial Physical Training
I have several individuals that failed their Physical Fitness Test, so i initiated the remedial PT program to help them meet and beat the minimum requires scores. Some of them missed passing by a rep or two on the sit up event, but there are a few that failed miserably on the Run event.

I am keeping tabs on all that happens for the first 30 days of the program, and will post the results from the periodic diagnostic tests we have planned in the every two weeks. With the first week behind us, I am happy to say that there have been a few of the troops that have asked if they could continue to do the additional PT sessions even after they are successful in passing the test. (more on this later)

Leading this program gives me three days of two-a-day workouts. This week is the start of my next training cycle geared to mountains, farmers carry, and strength sessions geared towards Herman Goerner style workouts.

Between office work, field work, jumps, and managing personnel I now have a backlog of posts I need to sort and get out of both my device, and my head.

Hope your spring is going well. Take care and good lifting,


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  1. Nice post!! Busy, busy, busy!! Best of luck to you on the two events at the local event, kill it!


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