The constant battle

I had a whole article written about all kinds of things, and it turned into a rambling mess. So I cut it down to just this.

I am not all that egotistical, and quoting myself may seem to come off as such , but let me explain. Below is the only speech I gave a group of trainees that has stuck with me. My buddies and I would be teaching a class, or making corrections on something, and some of the stuff that would be said would be funny as hell, or just plain off the wall. Later, if you were to ask us what we had said, we would probably not be able to tell you. Why this sticks with me I don’t know.

I was filling in as First Sergeant in his absence, and had to give the new class of trainees their intro to training. I don’t remember what was going on at the time, and only know that this was as much talking to myself as it was to the Soldier’s.

I started off with introducing the Command, fellow Drill Sergeants, myself, and then went into it:
(some foul language)

‘No man ever grew up wanting to be the weakest man in the world. No man ever grew up wanting to be the biggest pussy the world has ever seen. No man grows up wanting to be the only man in the world to get his ass kicked by everyone, and I don’t know of any man ever saying to himself growing up “I want to be the dumbest mother fucker the world has ever known”.

We all grow up playing super heroes. We grow up wanting to be strong men, and scientists. We want to be famous, powerful, successful, strong in every way.

Men want these things, but when it gets hard, and the going gets tough, these things fall to the wayside. Being comfortable takes the place of what you want. It’s easier to feign injury instead of pushing it during PT. It’s easier to not study, and hope for the best during testing than it is to put in the hours with your nose in the book.

It’s when you make that decision to take the easy way out, you start to form a bad habit. When you make that choice once, it’s easier to make again. Each time you do it, you will regret it, and it will begin to eat at you on the inside. When it begins to really gnaw at you, you are presented with two choices:

  1. You can man up, realize what’s happening, and fight to change the “easy” habit
  2. Or you accept it, and begin rationalizing your choices, and find reasons and excuses why you can’t do something. It’s here, at this moment, you’ve given up, and coming back from this will take some serious work on your soul.

The old saying, “you can do anything you set your mind to”, never says anything about how long it takes to get there. But you have 9 weeks to get started while your here. ‘

I rambled on about what they could expect at training, and discipline, etc.

That little bit I started with, was as much talking to myself as I was them. A daily affirmation so to speak, cause “gosh darn it, people like me”.

Off to the gym,

Take care, and good lifting


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