KB’s, box squats, and circuit training

Just a quick update to what’s been going on the last week or so.

Memorial Day
This past Monday I made my way over to the units Memorial to pay respects to this that have fallen over seas. I currently have a lot of friends over there right now, and pray for their safe return.

This week we will have a ceremony honoring three of the units recent fallen.

The workout for Memorial Day was simple. Put the 24kg KB overhead 509 times. (currently belong to the 509th Infantry) it took 1 hour and 6 mintues and consisted of 250 snatches, and when the calluses came off, I switched to 259 push presses.

Box Squats
I continue to use the box squats, and have come to enjoy them. They seem to be a lot easier on the hernia, and I have started to hit some respectable weight with them as well. I am rotating bars, chains, and rep schemes. This week I shoot for a one rep max with the safety squat bar.

Circuit Training
Made my guys do some pretty hard PT the last two weeks. I did this to give the junior leaders some good ideas on what they can do for PT in the morning, and also what I expect from them when planning their schedules for their guys.

I’ll post several more times this week, but got to finish some errands I have been putting off.

Till next time, take care and good lifting


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  1. I am loving the box squats as well…and hopefully they will pay off with regards to increasing my very crummy numbers on back squats. The 509 reps just sounds awful.


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