Evolving Workout pt3

To wrap up this long ramble on the many uses of an old routine:

Since my platoon leader had planted the seed, I decided to test the fruit. I took the half challenge, and broke it up into a rounds based workout seen below:

5 rounds for time of-

  1. 10 pull/chin ups
  2. 20 push ups
  3. 30 situps or other ab exercise
  4. 40 body weight box squats
  5. 50 swings @ 24kg

This was a lot worse than the other workouts. I have only completed this under 30 minutes once, and usually finish at about 35-37 minute mark. Bored with the usual rep and exercise scheme, it took its final shape in the following:

5 rounds in 40min or less-

  1. 10 pull/chin ups
  2. 10 “mr spectaculars” ( an exercise from Military Athlete: feet wider than shoulder width with 2, 20kg Kbs between your feet , walk your hands out to a push up position, do a push up, walk hands up till standing, grab the Kbs and do a clean and press, set them down and repeat)
  3. 30 crunches, situps, or obliques
  4. Mini leg blaster ( Military Athlete exercise- 10 squats, 10 lunges, 10 jump lunges, then 5 squat jumps. All done back to back )
  5. 50 swings with 20kg KB
  6. 2 laps (=2/10’s of a mile)

I don’t usually name any workouts really, but i named this one. “Brawl”, that’s it. I have yet to get this thing in under 40 minutes, and have yet to finish all 5 rounds. It just plain sucks the life out of you and knocks you on your ass.

To refocus, I am glad that my section leader made me come up with a PT plan so many years ago. I never thought at the time that it would give me something that I would continue to use to this day. This one workout “clicked” with me, and ever since then it has been a tool, guide, and test I refer to and use year after year, and continue to get good effects from. It became my “comfort” workout i guess you could say.

The pull up routine has again been pulled out of the tool box for use with my current platoon recently.

The platoons leadership had a very different idea about how difficult and challenging morning PT should be. So for two weeks I ran them through some pretty tough circuit training, running, and muscular endurance/strength sessions. The old pull up routine again put the hurt on many of them. By the end of the two weeks, the leaders had a pretty good idea of what I expected during PT, and i have already seen some of them implement some of the ideas into their schedules. Now the troops are coming to PT knowing that they will be challenged daily, and the team building has begun again.

I think the point of this was that when you truly find something that works, or clicks with you, stick with it. If it is something of value, and profits you or those around you, you will be able to tell. The good will endure, and the bad and worthless will fall away.

Until next time, take care and good lifting.


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