Starting the week off right

I usually schedule the “work capacity” style workouts for Tuesday or Thursday, but i found myself with limited equipment this morning, and decided to change it up a little.

What I did have was my 24kg KB, pull up bars, dip bars, and my BlackBerry tablet with the bleep test on it. I had this planned for later in the week, but oh well.

I loosely follow some of the programming from the Military Athlete program. The work capacity style workouts are normally, following a warm up, two 10min hard efforts with minimal rest between them, and finish with a longer 20 minute effort (today’s finisher did not take 20min.) . Here is this mornings workout:

  1. Warm up: 5 rnds of: 5x chin ups; 5x dips; 30 step ups on a 18″ platform
  2. 10 minutes of KB snatches: ended up with 130 reps total ( technique was good, but speed of reps was way off)
  3. 2 min rest
  4. 10 minutes- trying to get to 10 of the following: 1 goblet squat, 1 dip; 2 goblet squats, 2 dips; 3 goblet squats, 3 dips; etc, etc. I ended up getting to 8 and 8 when the timer beeper.
  5. 2 min rest
  6. Bleep test: this sucked, and i think i should have taken a longer break. I got to 5.1 before I fell behind the beeps. ( last time I did this in got 7.4 and that was after doing shuttle runs and Illinois agility test. Really disappointed in the results today.)

This evening:
I have been neglecting the bench press lately in favor of more overhead work. This evening i did a quick 5×5 session, with some chest supported rows on the machine in the garage.

  1. Bench: 5×135/5×165/5×195/5×225/3×255/2×255. The technique was good, and strict, but lost the groove on the 255 and had to do it in two sets for safety.
  2. 25 x 200 lbs chest supported rows on the machine.

Good day, long work hours, a huge dinner and I’m ready to hit the sack.

Till next time, take care and good lifting,


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  1. Excellent work Tim…cant say I did the same last night. I slept like shit Sunday night and actually had to just take Monday off from the gym (usually I go M/W/F). I will be going tonight and getting at it; but definitely not the start to the week that I wanted…hahaha. Sleep is crucial for good workouts, so I made sure to crash early last night and I slept a total of 10 hours somewhat broken…but near 10 hours none the less. Glad you worked in bench press!

    • don’t worry, I had a good start to the week, and that’s as far as it went for training. I got a session in today, but work kicked my butt this week.
      last night I ended up doing what you did and just passed out on the couch, then went to bed for about 10 hours or so. it was awesome.


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