Goerner inspired, lots of singles, and then box squats

To start things off, Happy Fathers Day. Make sure you call your Dad and thank him for everything he did (including not killing you when you were a teenager).

This was a very busy week, and with field time, jumps, and other work requirements, monday was my last workout.

The last few weeks have been heavy with high rep, and body weight work so yesterday I focused on lots of singles. I used some inspiration from Herman Goerner’s workouts and just plain had fun.

  1. Warm up- ” the chain” starting with 20lbs, and going up in 5lb increments, stopped at a strict 80lb per hand.
  2. 1 Hand Dumbell clean and jerk- singles each hand at 85lb/90lb/95lb/100lb/105lb/110lb
  3. 1Hand Barbell clean and jerk- singles per hand of : 95lb/ 105lb/ 115lb/ 120lb/ 125lb. I did 3. Attempts at 135 with my right hand, but could not get under the bar fast enough and was unable to lock it out. I was very close to getting it locked out, but it will just have to wait till next time I guess.
  4. 2 Hand Barbell clean and jerk- singles 135/ 155/ 175/ 185/ attempted 195, but did not get it cleaned. Upper body was getting fatigued.
  5. Box squats to parralel – the gym got two awesome new power racks this week, and i was surprised to see them as I walked into the weight room. These have a ton of pull up handles, a pull up bar, all the pins and connection points for bands…. They are awesome. Anyway, box squats- 135×3/ 165×2/ 195×2/ 225×2/ 255×2/ 285×2/ 315×2
  6. Finished with 225×15 of the box squats.

I had fun, lots of chalk, sweat and almost got a PR on the 1 hand barbell C&J. The box squat finisher has me thinking of doing the 20 rep squats again, only on the box. Mulling it around right now, and luckily I am scheduling my next 6weeks of workouts today, but the next two weeks will be heavy on the farmers carries. The Highland Games are right around the corner and my prep work has been spotty to nonexistent. As long as I beat my distance from last year, I’ll be happy.

My body was kind of enough to remind me I still have a hernia during the 2 hand C&J, but it wasn’t so big a reminder that I would have to stop the workout. I have hardly noticed any discomfort the last few weeks with all the body weight and high rep work, and nearly forgot I had it still. Thanks body, really appreciate it.

The pictures are from the jump we did friday. Calling in the aircraft and running the drop zone gave me the chance to get some awesome pictures with the mountains in the background. It’s hard to believe sometimes how beautiful Alaska is, and that I get to live and work here.

Till next time, take care and good lifting,


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  1. That must have been nice to come back to the gym and have new gear…lovely!!


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