Everyone came to visit

Well, it’s catch up time again. It has been an eventful week and a half and though I am enjoying the silence, and the last of this lazy weekend, I do miss having a full house.

Family visiting
Last Wednesday my son and his girlfriend came down to stay for a week. I don’t get to see him often as I want to, and now that he is going to start college this year, i enjoy every chance I can with him. His girlfriend is awesome and they make a very good pair. She is now i think officially part of the family.

On top of that my mom came down as well and luckily all three of them got to enjoy the Highland Games here in town. After the games, I had one of my Aunt’s come to town, my sister, and my Dad as well. They all stayed thru the 4th of July, and then headed south to do some fishing.

Highland Games
This year I volunteered to help with the setup, and assisting in the judging of the field events. It was alot of work setting everything up, but i learned so much about what goes on behind the scenes and what really goes into what you see game day, it was worth every minute of it. To top things off I got some good pointers on hammer tossing and caber flipping, and i can say I am totally hooked on the Highland Games now, and plan to compete next year. Just have to get a kilt is all. My son even wants to compete next year as well, and we have set plans for training up early next year. Can’t wait.

The athletes are top notch. From the pro’s, amateurs, and the masters, everyone of them is friendly and great people. While measuring distances, and moving weights, I got to see first hand each of the competitors giving pointers, and congrats to each other after every throw. If you have never been to a Highland Games festival, you really need to do so.

My performance in the Farmers Walk (173 pounds per hand) was the only disappointing thing to it all. I managed only 216′ and some change this year. Last year I carried 256′. Not happy about it at all, but i know why it happened, and it was from not training up for it. I had plenty of time to train for it, even started laying the ground work, but the 4weeks leading to the event, I concentrated on stamina and high rep work for PT, and neglected heavy lifting. I guess I let the worry of making the hernia worse prior to the games dictate what I would do, instead of training up smart and showing a better performance. Oh well. Lesson learned.

With all the stuff going on, my schedule for workouts was shot. Add the disappointment from the farmers carry, and wanting to try something drastically different to break up the monotony, I hit the reset button and started fresh with a workout i read about, and now had the motivation and prep work completed to actually do. More on it in the next post…..

As soon as I get the pictures from the games from the family, I’ll post email up.

till next time, take care and good lifting,


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  1. That is always my big worry that if I spend too much time on endurance work I miss on gaining, or even maintaining my strength. There is a balance somewhere in there…but who has the time to workout 7 days a week…haha.

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