The full week of morning PT

Well it is finally the weekend and I thought I might do things a little different this post and layout what I had my guys do every morning for PT. Following each day are notes for what we had to modify to fit the needs and abilities of the individual, and thoughts on how the workout went.

This week I was especially glad I only have two additional workouts planned. I am still keeping up with my lower body and upper body focused workouts, and with the increased volume I am putting on my guys and gals in the morning, trying to do anymore would be pushing it to far. Wednesday I did my lower body focused workout, and i will post separately about that.

Here we go…

WARM UP 10 down to 5 of-
Mountain climbers
Push ups

10 down to 1- pull ups
10 Plank walk ups between sets of pull ups

CORE- 4 rounds (all of our core work follows Military Athletes F,I,R,E planning. Flexion, Isometric, Rotation, Extention. Military Athlete has had the biggest impact on me in regards to how to set up a work out. Highly recommend their methods and workouts to everyone )

R- slasher to halo x 15
E- swings x 15
F- situps x 10
I- 10m waiter carry w/ 25lb db

5 minutes of tire strikes with either the 10lb, or 8lb sledgehammer. (one off my stronger guys and I hit the tire with the 20lb hammer for 5 minutes, and then immediately used the 10lb for another 5 minutes )

LOWER- (I have several people who have upper body injuries, this replaced the hammer strikes for them)
10 walking lunges ea leg (or 20 step ups)
10 one leg Glute bridges per leg

Cool down and stretch

The warm up sucked a lot more than I thought it was going to. Wow, give it a shot, it really got the breathing going, and i recognized some of the looks on their faces that said the same thing.
For the warmup, push ups were replaced with sit ups, burpees with Deck squats. During the upper body portion, pull ups were either partner assisted, replaced with dumbell rowing or not done at all.
Each individual, when the next part of the workout, was given individual attention on what in the exercise was to be modified in order to stay as close to the original exercise as possible. Those with injuries that completely prohibited certain motions, we’re given new exercises to do in its place.

WARM UP- 4 rounds
Step ups x30
Sit ups x10iv>Plyo push ups x5

CORE- 5 rounds
F- dip bar knee raises
I- :30sec plank
R- russian twists x10
E- stiff leg dl x10 with 24kg kettle bell

1/4 mile Burpee broad jumps

Cool down and stretch

Modifications: I only had two others and myself to run through PT today due to work requirements and appointments. The only modification he had to make with the main portion was in the broad jump piece. With his ankle being recently fused together, jumping is not an option. He would do a burpee as normal up to the part where he brings his feet back to the hands in preparation for the jump- at this moment he would merely stand up and then perform a single lunge and then a regular step forward. He alternated legs every burpee.

WARM UP- 4 rounds
Dip shrugs x5
Plank shrugs x5
Straight arm pulls x5
1 leg bridges x10 ea leg
10 lunges or step ups

CORE- 5 rounds
E- swings x 10
F- sit ups x15
I- :30 sec plank
R- slasher x 10 ea side

10- 6- 2 minutes of tire to hammer
30- 50- 70 swings following each set

LOWER- (for those with upper body injuries) 4 rounds
10 walking lunges each leg
25 squats
15 single leg bridges per leg
15 situps

6 speed walk sprints ( I had them walk the length of the parking lot down and back as fast as possible. They did it in 51 seconds. Each of the successive laps had to be done in 49 seconds. If they failed to make the time, they had a penalty set of 10 lunges. They made time every set.)

Cool down and stretch

< div>10 minutes of sledgehammer strikes was the goal we set 12 weeks ago. Many of the guys that were there in the beginning have recovered from their injuries and gone back to regular PT and we’re not here to see the completion of the goal. I do have 2 guys with permanent injuries who completed the hammer strikes. One of them did all the sets this day with me, using the 20lb sledge. Very proud of them. Remembering back to the beginning and how the 8lb hammer used to kick our asses, doing it now with the 20lb is quite the motivator. Reps per minute for the 20lb were 34-36 the first few minutes, tapering down to 28-25 the final few minutes.

Warm up, and foot march with squad. 
Uniform boots, socks, camel back (with water)

Those who could walk, moved 5-6 miles with no load with their regular squads who were carrying 50-60 lb ruck sacks.

WARM UP- 4 rounds
15 push ups
15 mountain hops
15 squats

CORE- 4 rounds
F- atb x 5
I – 1 arm push up plank x :30 sec (saith arms every set)
R – slasher to halo x10
E- 1 leg bridges x15 ea leg

MAIN- 4 rounds
Push presses x max reps followed by max reps pull ups

LOWER- 4 rounds ( I had only one guy today who could not do upper body work. He was new to us, and got some lower body work)
50 step ups
25 butt to tire squats
15 Glute bridges with barbell shoulders on tire (95 or 135 lbs)

Cool down stretch

The push presses were loaded according ability. Some used only the bar, one used it loaded to 65 lbs, and the bigger or stronger guys used 90lbs. the bigger guy we have managed 52, 43, 38, 36 reps, but his pulling power was very low in comparison getting only 8 reps max on his pull ups. My long term guy, he managed 38, for his first set, but had a better balance of pulling doing 18 reps. I was pretty balanced completing 32, 25, 22, 18 with my pulling about even at 28, 22, 18, 16.  

This was a very upper and core focused week of work outs. Next week the focus shifts to lower body, and the following week a good balance of whole body work. 

As a side note, here are some of the injuries these individuals are recovering from-
Twisted ankles, groin pulls, muscular lower back injuries, dislocated shoulder, ankle bone fused, dislocated hip, hernia repair, and pulled hamstrings. Each session, the work planned is modified per individual with deference made to doctors recommendations, and the capabilities of the individual. Each of them are monitored by me, and adjustments are made whenever I see something is wrong. All the workouts are capable of self scaling as well with partners there to assist and spot. 

Till next time, take care and good lifting



Upper body Friday and Saturday swings

Upper Body Friday Yesterday’s upper body focused workout went pretty well.

  1. 4 way neck machine- 4×15 each direction with 20 lbs.
  2. Front/side shoulder raise super set with 20lb DB’s 3×5 each never putting the dumbells down
  3. Rear delt fly machine- 55lb x20/ 75x 15/ 95x 10/ 115×6/ 125×3/ 145×3
  4. Bicep DB curls- 50lb x 5; 55lb x 4; 60lb x 3; 65lb x 2; 50lb x 5
  5. Tricep push downs 3×20 @ most of the weight stack (hard to tell the weight)
  6. Barbell Bench Press- 135×5; 165×5; 195×5; 225×5; 255x 1; 285×1
  7. Skipped my planned chest supported rows due to going heavy on the rear delt flies
  8. Farmers carry with farmers handles- 77lb per hand. 500′ from weight room to the basketball court area, then five laps for a half mile (1 lap= 1/10 of a mile), then back down the hallway to the weight room. I set the weight down when needed for the grip in the court area, but did not set them down at all in the hallway.

Saturday Swings

Today I did 1,100 swings with the 24kg bell, and 110 push ups finishing all reps in 56:34.16. This translated into 22 rounds of 50 swings and 5 pull ups.

I was shooting for a time under 53:00, but just did not happen. Oh well, better luck next time I guess.

Till next time…

Take care, and good lifting


Week in the rear view

Another week is done. Here is a quick recap of some of the better parts of training.

Stamina Workout Tuesday
I pulled a workout from my 20 rep squat routine out of the training log to see how I would do, and have to say I did pretty well.
5 rounds for time of (reps per round listed by each exercise, it is a count down style)

  1. “Mr Spectaculars” 10/8/6/4/2
  2. Windshield wipers 5/4/3/2/1
  3. Rower 500/400/300/200/100
  4. Run .2 miles each round after rowing

The only difference this time was instead of doing a half mile run for a warm up, I did a 1500 meter row on level 5, and “the chain” from 20-70lbs going up by 5lb increments.

( I completed the 1500m in 5:02, and finished my last lap on round 5 at 36:00 on the dot for a combined time of 41:02.)

During my 20 rep squat cycle I hit this workout hard every week, and my best time was a 38:00 minutes. On that effort I started the time with a half mile run, did the five rounds, and stopped time on completion of the last lap. Not too bad for not having done this for a few months.

Wednesday Lower Body Focused Workout
Wednesday I was feeling pretty “blahhhh”. Worked around the house, ran errands, but really wasn’t feeling the energy for squats and any type of volume work at the gym. I finally got off my ass around 7pm, and headed to the gym. I have had days like these before, and sometimes the workout just blows, and I cut it short, but other times I am surprised and have a great workout. Hoping for the latter, I was not disappointed.

  1. Leg extensions 5×10; hamstring curls 7×10
  2. Squats 3reps each of 135/165/195/225/255 then a single with 285 (transition point to box squats)
  3. Box squats for singles of 285/315/335/355
  4. Box squats 20 reps at 225
  5. Mini leg blaster
  6. Seated Calf raises at 90 lbs 10/15/20

I ended up having a great workout, and everything was pretty spot on as far as technique. My weights in the hamstrings curls are finally coming along as well. The last 3 sets were at 75lbs. It’s not much, but having a consistent problem with hamstring pulls, I am cautiously building them up slowly. The bigger weights will come, and then I’ll focus on the Glute ham raises until I can get those for reps.

Since I got 355 off of the box, I went with 225 on the 20reps. I decided that if I fail on the top weight on the box, I add weight to the 20, if i make it, then i go for 225 on the 20. Kind of a reward/being careful.

Thursday was a rest day, and since it was grocery day, it was eat a lot of food day as well.

This morning I am heading to the gym to knock out my Upper Body Focused workout. Should be fun, but dreading the farmers carry today. 5 laps around the courts for a half mile. I’ll let you know how it goes. Till next time..

Take care, and good lifting


Current Upper body routine

Yesterday I laid out my current once a week lower body routine. Today I will layout my upper body work.

I only put this together last week, and this Saturday will be my second go around with it. With all the KB, pull ups, push ups, sledgehammer, and core work, my upper body still takes a beating regularly. It is much easier to hit the weights in the garage for chest and back, and i have been able to squeeze those in after dinner despite the jacked up work schedule and other commitments, but i wanted a workout that complemented the lower body routine, and hit everything once a week.

Usually I hit the big lifts first in the workout, and do the accessory work after, so i switched it up, and following a good warm up and core work, I pre-exhaust using isolation exercises with DB’S, and then hit the groups.

  1. 4 way neck machine- 5×10 each direction with 30 lbs.
  2. Front/si de shoulder raise super set with 25lb DB’s 3×5 each never putting the dumbells down
  3. Rear felt fly machine or band pull aparts. Machine- 3×20 @75-90 lbs. Band pull aparts- 5×35 using an exercise band
  4. Bicep DB curls- 50lb x 5; 55lb x 4; 60lb x 3; 65lb x 2; 50lb x 10
  5. Tricep push downs 3×20 @ most of the weight stack (hard to tell the weight)
  6. Barbell Bench Press- 135×5; 165×5; 195×5; 225×5; 255x 1; 285×1
  7. Chest supported rows- (plate weight listed) 45×10; 70 x 8; 95x 6; 120×4; 95×6; 70 x 8; 45x 10
  8. Farmers carry with farmers handles- 77lb per hand. 500′ from weight room to the basketball court area, then one lap (1 lap= 1/10 of a mile), then back down the hallway to the weight room. I set the weight down when needed for the grip in the court area, but do not set them down at all in the hallway.

I did this workout last Saturday, and it was awesome. I was sore in some places I had not been in a while, especial ly the biceps.

This weekend I am adding very little to the bulk of the work, but for the farmers carries I am going to go 3 laps around the court area before returning to the weight room while trying my best to only set the weight down between laps. For the 285 single on the bench, I am looking to keep my butt on the bench at the sticking point.

Till next time, take care and good lifting,


Lower body work

Since finishing the 10,000 swing workouts, my schedule for personal workouts has been pretty much shot. Luckily, morning PT is very intense, and has kept me from getting too depressed, but not having my own personal time under the bar has been killing me.

With this in mind, I came up with a lower body routine I have been hitting now for the last few weeks.

After finishing the swing work, I realized I had some major weakness in my hamstrings. When I did my box squats during the swing weeks, I found that I really did feel more stable in the squat, and just felt more comfortable under the bar. I was able to sit back further, and maintain the weight on the hips and lower body and haven’t had to rely on the lower back to “good morning” some of the later reps out of the hole.

Trying to keep focusing on the hamstrings, build up to actually using the Glute -Ham raise some day wit hout the use of the hands, and hitting just about everything lower body in just over an hour, I started doing the following.

  1. 5×10 super set of leg extensions, and hamstrings curls. I am keeping these lite for the moment until I feel more comfortable with the movements. I have never done these, and usually advise against them, but I’m doing them now. (wk 4 I added a 6th set of leg curls for 10 reps)
  2. 5×3 Regular squats 135/165/195/225/255
  3. 285x 1 regular squat. In the first week, this was a struggle to keep tight form and get out of the hole. This is also where the hernia would start getting aggravated. This is the transition point to box squats.
  4. Singles of box squats just above parallel. Wk1- 285/305/315; Wk2 – 285/315/325; Wk3- 285/ 315/335; Wk4-285/315/335/ missed at 355
  5. 20 reps box squats. Wk1 & 2- 225; Wk3 – 235; Wk4- 240
  6. On weeks 3 & 4- I added one set of the “mini leg blaster” as a fi nisher.

I have 2 more sessions of this, and will add another set of leg curls, and “mini leg blaster” to each session, as well as adding weight to the box squats and 20 reps.

My warm up is not anything set in stone. If I am able to squeeze this in during the work week, then it is usually done in the evening, and i am still pretty loose from the morning PT session. On the weekend, I row, jog or do some calisthenics. (I am also working on correcting my running technique as week for both distance and sprints. I never realized how off my running gait was, and how imbalances in my ham to quad were slowing me down.)

Today was Week 4, and my warm up was an easy 1000m on the rower on setting 7, at a 2:04 500m pace. To cool down I did 500m on setting 1 at a 2:07 pace.

Till next time, take care and good lifting,

Tim&nb sp;