Lower body work

Since finishing the 10,000 swing workouts, my schedule for personal workouts has been pretty much shot. Luckily, morning PT is very intense, and has kept me from getting too depressed, but not having my own personal time under the bar has been killing me.

With this in mind, I came up with a lower body routine I have been hitting now for the last few weeks.

After finishing the swing work, I realized I had some major weakness in my hamstrings. When I did my box squats during the swing weeks, I found that I really did feel more stable in the squat, and just felt more comfortable under the bar. I was able to sit back further, and maintain the weight on the hips and lower body and haven’t had to rely on the lower back to “good morning” some of the later reps out of the hole.

Trying to keep focusing on the hamstrings, build up to actually using the Glute -Ham raise some day wit hout the use of the hands, and hitting just about everything lower body in just over an hour, I started doing the following.

  1. 5×10 super set of leg extensions, and hamstrings curls. I am keeping these lite for the moment until I feel more comfortable with the movements. I have never done these, and usually advise against them, but I’m doing them now. (wk 4 I added a 6th set of leg curls for 10 reps)
  2. 5×3 Regular squats 135/165/195/225/255
  3. 285x 1 regular squat. In the first week, this was a struggle to keep tight form and get out of the hole. This is also where the hernia would start getting aggravated. This is the transition point to box squats.
  4. Singles of box squats just above parallel. Wk1- 285/305/315; Wk2 – 285/315/325; Wk3- 285/ 315/335; Wk4-285/315/335/ missed at 355
  5. 20 reps box squats. Wk1 & 2- 225; Wk3 – 235; Wk4- 240
  6. On weeks 3 & 4- I added one set of the “mini leg blaster” as a fi nisher.

I have 2 more sessions of this, and will add another set of leg curls, and “mini leg blaster” to each session, as well as adding weight to the box squats and 20 reps.

My warm up is not anything set in stone. If I am able to squeeze this in during the work week, then it is usually done in the evening, and i am still pretty loose from the morning PT session. On the weekend, I row, jog or do some calisthenics. (I am also working on correcting my running technique as week for both distance and sprints. I never realized how off my running gait was, and how imbalances in my ham to quad were slowing me down.)

Today was Week 4, and my warm up was an easy 1000m on the rower on setting 7, at a 2:04 500m pace. To cool down I did 500m on setting 1 at a 2:07 pace.

Till next time, take care and good lifting,

Tim&nb sp;

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