Current Upper body routine

Yesterday I laid out my current once a week lower body routine. Today I will layout my upper body work.

I only put this together last week, and this Saturday will be my second go around with it. With all the KB, pull ups, push ups, sledgehammer, and core work, my upper body still takes a beating regularly. It is much easier to hit the weights in the garage for chest and back, and i have been able to squeeze those in after dinner despite the jacked up work schedule and other commitments, but i wanted a workout that complemented the lower body routine, and hit everything once a week.

Usually I hit the big lifts first in the workout, and do the accessory work after, so i switched it up, and following a good warm up and core work, I pre-exhaust using isolation exercises with DB’S, and then hit the groups.

  1. 4 way neck machine- 5×10 each direction with 30 lbs.
  2. Front/si de shoulder raise super set with 25lb DB’s 3×5 each never putting the dumbells down
  3. Rear felt fly machine or band pull aparts. Machine- 3×20 @75-90 lbs. Band pull aparts- 5×35 using an exercise band
  4. Bicep DB curls- 50lb x 5; 55lb x 4; 60lb x 3; 65lb x 2; 50lb x 10
  5. Tricep push downs 3×20 @ most of the weight stack (hard to tell the weight)
  6. Barbell Bench Press- 135×5; 165×5; 195×5; 225×5; 255x 1; 285×1
  7. Chest supported rows- (plate weight listed) 45×10; 70 x 8; 95x 6; 120×4; 95×6; 70 x 8; 45x 10
  8. Farmers carry with farmers handles- 77lb per hand. 500′ from weight room to the basketball court area, then one lap (1 lap= 1/10 of a mile), then back down the hallway to the weight room. I set the weight down when needed for the grip in the court area, but do not set them down at all in the hallway.

I did this workout last Saturday, and it was awesome. I was sore in some places I had not been in a while, especial ly the biceps.

This weekend I am adding very little to the bulk of the work, but for the farmers carries I am going to go 3 laps around the court area before returning to the weight room while trying my best to only set the weight down between laps. For the 285 single on the bench, I am looking to keep my butt on the bench at the sticking point.

Till next time, take care and good lifting,


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