Week in the rear view

Another week is done. Here is a quick recap of some of the better parts of training.

Stamina Workout Tuesday
I pulled a workout from my 20 rep squat routine out of the training log to see how I would do, and have to say I did pretty well.
5 rounds for time of (reps per round listed by each exercise, it is a count down style)

  1. “Mr Spectaculars” 10/8/6/4/2
  2. Windshield wipers 5/4/3/2/1
  3. Rower 500/400/300/200/100
  4. Run .2 miles each round after rowing

The only difference this time was instead of doing a half mile run for a warm up, I did a 1500 meter row on level 5, and “the chain” from 20-70lbs going up by 5lb increments.

( I completed the 1500m in 5:02, and finished my last lap on round 5 at 36:00 on the dot for a combined time of 41:02.)

During my 20 rep squat cycle I hit this workout hard every week, and my best time was a 38:00 minutes. On that effort I started the time with a half mile run, did the five rounds, and stopped time on completion of the last lap. Not too bad for not having done this for a few months.

Wednesday Lower Body Focused Workout
Wednesday I was feeling pretty “blahhhh”. Worked around the house, ran errands, but really wasn’t feeling the energy for squats and any type of volume work at the gym. I finally got off my ass around 7pm, and headed to the gym. I have had days like these before, and sometimes the workout just blows, and I cut it short, but other times I am surprised and have a great workout. Hoping for the latter, I was not disappointed.

  1. Leg extensions 5×10; hamstring curls 7×10
  2. Squats 3reps each of 135/165/195/225/255 then a single with 285 (transition point to box squats)
  3. Box squats for singles of 285/315/335/355
  4. Box squats 20 reps at 225
  5. Mini leg blaster
  6. Seated Calf raises at 90 lbs 10/15/20

I ended up having a great workout, and everything was pretty spot on as far as technique. My weights in the hamstrings curls are finally coming along as well. The last 3 sets were at 75lbs. It’s not much, but having a consistent problem with hamstring pulls, I am cautiously building them up slowly. The bigger weights will come, and then I’ll focus on the Glute ham raises until I can get those for reps.

Since I got 355 off of the box, I went with 225 on the 20reps. I decided that if I fail on the top weight on the box, I add weight to the 20, if i make it, then i go for 225 on the 20. Kind of a reward/being careful.

Thursday was a rest day, and since it was grocery day, it was eat a lot of food day as well.

This morning I am heading to the gym to knock out my Upper Body Focused workout. Should be fun, but dreading the farmers carry today. 5 laps around the courts for a half mile. I’ll let you know how it goes. Till next time..

Take care, and good lifting


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