Upper body Friday and Saturday swings

Upper Body Friday Yesterday’s upper body focused workout went pretty well.

  1. 4 way neck machine- 4×15 each direction with 20 lbs.
  2. Front/side shoulder raise super set with 20lb DB’s 3×5 each never putting the dumbells down
  3. Rear delt fly machine- 55lb x20/ 75x 15/ 95x 10/ 115×6/ 125×3/ 145×3
  4. Bicep DB curls- 50lb x 5; 55lb x 4; 60lb x 3; 65lb x 2; 50lb x 5
  5. Tricep push downs 3×20 @ most of the weight stack (hard to tell the weight)
  6. Barbell Bench Press- 135×5; 165×5; 195×5; 225×5; 255x 1; 285×1
  7. Skipped my planned chest supported rows due to going heavy on the rear delt flies
  8. Farmers carry with farmers handles- 77lb per hand. 500′ from weight room to the basketball court area, then five laps for a half mile (1 lap= 1/10 of a mile), then back down the hallway to the weight room. I set the weight down when needed for the grip in the court area, but did not set them down at all in the hallway.

Saturday Swings

Today I did 1,100 swings with the 24kg bell, and 110 push ups finishing all reps in 56:34.16. This translated into 22 rounds of 50 swings and 5 pull ups.

I was shooting for a time under 53:00, but just did not happen. Oh well, better luck next time I guess.

Till next time…

Take care, and good lifting


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  1. I am loving it Tim!! You are definitely doing a great job of keeping it fun and fresh…sort of planned, sort of not. At this point, mixing up modalities like you are doing is the best way to train. I think the reason why people get sick of training is because their workouts get old, or the type of training they are doing gets boring. I am currently loving my “powerbuilding” workouts, and it seems that you are too.


    • Thanks man. Having set only two planned workouts every week, has really given me some flexibility in what I get to do, and your right, it has made working out fun again. “Powerbuilding” is a pretty good term for it. I am reworking my schedule, and going to keep this up for at least the next 6 weeks.

      I am still shooting at getting my row times for the 500 and 1000m down to your times. 

      Take care,


      • Exactly Tim! Rowing is fun but I definitely have to be in the mood to do PR rowing…it literally makes me anxious because it sucks so much…hahaha. I have been implementing treadmill sprints now too…usually 100, 200, and 400m meter intervals.

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