What the heck happened!

Well, I am still here, just tired and focusing on work. It has been a very busy last month or so, and did I mention that I’m tired.

PT, gym time, and any training for that matter, has been sporadic to non existent. To make up for it, I use the weekends for catch up by hammering down on as much volume as possible, and then use the week as recovery. This has helped, but seeing how physical training is my only therapy, it really doesn’t do much for my mental health. Add to this the beginning of what may be called a “mid life crisis” style look at my life so far, and I am getting grumpy.

It hasn’t been all bad though. The last few months of planning PT, implementing the plan, and seeing the results the guys I train have had, and experienced myself, really has taught me a lot about planning a long term physical training program. I have found planning ideas, exercises, and principles and been able to implement the m in a progressive manner and see the results. I have come away with a blend of my old workouts, and added new ideas that work for me and with proper coaching, work for others as well. What to do now?

I am going to try something new, and learn from it. I never liked doing anything I didn’t plan or come up with. That did change last year when I gave the 20 rep squat program a shot, and several programs from Military Athlete a go as well. 10,000 swings in 10 days was another eye opening experience. So, starting Monday, I am going to give SealFit a try for the next 8 weeks.

It’s already planned out for me. The goals of the program work very well with my line of work. It will make me do things I normally don’t like doing when I plan my own workouts. Just like Military Athlete ‘s Big24 program, I will have to step outside my comfort zone and learn new things.

Till next time, take care,iv>

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  1. It is really funny that you posted because I was wondering where the heck you went to??!! hahaha. “If you fail to plan, plan to fail”…love that quote and it rings true for most things in life. Performance athletes don’t get to the level they are at without a proper, typically periodized program…it works!! Glad to see you back in the swing of things; I am on the once a week blog post schedule now.


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