Lessons learned from SealFit so far

Today I completed day 15 of the 8 week SealFit program. The program has proven to be just what I needed. The schedule is set, the workouts laid out for me, and I’m ready to get after it every time I walk into the gym.

My schedule at work has continued to get more hectic by the day, and having the workouts already planned out has helped immensely. It has allowed me to be consistent with my training again. With that being said, I am already getting ideas for my future training schedules, and looking at new goals I wish to set following these 8weeks.

Here are a few things I have discovered so far:

  • Using 5×5 and 5×3 a little different than I usually do.

When I use the 5×5 sets and rep scheme, I use the first three or four sets as warm up sets, and the last one or two sets with my working weight. With this program, the warms ups are seperate, and all five sets are with the wo rking weight. I kind of like it this way, and will use it again in the future. For one it gives me more time under the bar, and I hit heavier weight for more reps.

  • Workouts of the Day (WOD).

I have used Crossfit WOD’s before in my training, but only sporadically. When I would pick a WOD, it would usually be one that contained exercises I felt comfortable doing, or was good at. With this program, I am doing a WOD nearly everyday, and they contain exercises I normally would avoid (thrusters are a good example). Stepping out of my comfort zone, and attacking these WOD ‘s with unfamiliar, or neglected exercises has really forced me to be a more well rounded athlete. My body is adjusting to the movements and new skills are being learned.

  • Attacking the WOD.

When I did a WOD before, I would, quite frankly, take too many rest breaks. Mentally, I did not give it all I had when going against the cl ock. I would use the unfamiliar exercises as an excuse, but really it was being lazy. I have found myself now really trying to get through the WOD as fast as possible, and as prescribed. If the prescribed weight is too much, I scale back the weight, but increase the rounds or reps to make up the difference. Before this program, I would have scaled back, and just done the sets and reps as normal.

  • Forcing me to run, and run a lot.

Somewhere along the way, I quit enjoying distance running. Mentally I get bored running. I now prefer sprints. 10 years ago, it was the complete opposite. I don’t know what I would run a ten miler in today, but 10 years ago a 74 minute10 miler was a normal occurrence. I need to run more, and try and find that distance runners mindset again. This program has showed me how to fit running and distance work into the schedule on top of the rest of it. I have basically been on a two a day schedule the majority of the program, with strength and the WOD in the morning, and endurance work as prescribed in the evening.

This is just a partial list of lessons learned. The overall lesson so far is that I was designing my prior training around my comfort zone.

A few things I miss doing since starting this program so far:

  1. High rep swings with the kettle bell.
  2. Box squats for low reps and heavy weight.
  3. Heavy bench pressing.
  4. Not doing lunges (I really don’t like doing lunges, but this program has a lot of them in it. A lot!)

So far this has been an enjoyable experiment with a tough program. I have gained experiences that I will be able to draw from when designing my future training for both me and my men.

When was the last time you stepped outside of your comfort zone?

Till next time, take care and good lifting

Tim Wehner

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