SealFit update, and the flu season.

Today is workout number 31 of 59 total scheduled workouts for SealFit. I have maintained consistency with the workouts, but have had to shuffle them on the calendar from time to time due to work and other commitments. I have kept true to the program.

This experiment has been an eye opening experience, and I’m learning a lot about myself, and how I trained before.

Here are a few things I have noticed lately:

I have begun to notice definite improvements in my performance during the WOD. One of the things I am realizing is that as the workout progresses, I am starting to find my second wind, so to speak, a lot faster. This second wind usually comes to me about the second or third round of the WOD, and this boost of energy has helped cut down on times to completion. My mental drive to finish faster is improving as well.

This was not the case in the beginning. With the unfamiliar exercises, and rep schemes, I would find myself just slogging through the work, and just trying to finish.

Here are a few WOD and completion times:

  • “Barbara”, 33:16.9. (that time includes the 4 mandatory 3:00 minute rest times)
  • 9 – 15 – 21 Thrusters and dips. 135# thruster (scale if necessary, no lighter than 95#) 22:19. I did scale this one. 135 first round, 115 the second round, and 95 the third round. I had never tried a thruster loaded this heavy before, but got all 9 reps first round, I started the second round with 135, but form on the squat was so bad, I scaled down.
  • Men 135 lbs– For time: 5 rounds of 15-Dead-lifts, 12-Hang Cleans, 9-Push-Press, 6-Front Squats. 36:12. This was the workout where I really noticed the improved mental drive. My technique on all the lifts got more efficient as the WOD progressed, and by the end I actually felt better than when I started. (exhausted physically)
  • 147 kettle bell snatches at 24kg in 10 minutes (not bad considering having not done snatches for high reps in a while)

This program is very pull up intensive, and is one of the reasons I am enjoying it so much. It uses pull ups as the warm up most days, and lots of them. Before I started this experiment, I did a lot of pull ups while working out, but this has made me do even more.

During the warm up I keep all the pull ups very strict. I try and maintain the same strict form during the WOD but when I get later in the rounds, I do kip. Luckily I am not very good at kipping, and the majority of the pull is strict with only enough kip to get past the sticking point.

I have not had to modify any of the workouts so far due to lack of equipment. I have had to condense the workouts due to time constraints though. This program is basically a long list of two-a-days, with the strength and WOD early in the day, and the endurance and stamina work several hours later.

I have had to combine the morning and evening portions into one long workout many times, and it sucks. If you do decide to try this, make sure you have time set aside for 8 weeks to workout, and just be ready to adjust the workouts accordingly.

What I have noticed is a loss on my max lifts with the squat, and deadlift. I think the loss is due to less practice, more than a loss of strength, but I notice it big time.

Yesterday was supposed to be 5×3 with overhead squats, for a 3 rep max. The arthritis in my shoulder is flaring up, so went with back squats instead. I warmed up and hit my first working set with my usual weight, but it felt heavy and out of the groove. Long story short, I ended up doing five sets of 255×3. Before I started the program, this would have been the first set of 3 reps, and 315-325 would have been my last working set. 255 felt heavy, and every set of three I had to grind out of the hole.

Another thing I have lost is some weight. Some of this is due to sporadic eating, and someday’s not eating much at all due to work, but much of the weight loss is from the workouts. Running is getting more fluid and my times are improving. I have actually found my natural stride on occasion, and my form overall is more comfortable for long distances. Running with less weight to carry is kinda nice.

With holiday season in full swing, kids passing germs in air tight classrooms, and having friends and family over to visit, it is impossible to avoid getting at least a mild case of the sniffles.

I have not been sick in a long time, but I now have a case of the crud. Hopefully you are able to keep well, and avoid it.

I am interested in your times to completion for any of the WOD’s you may have taken on, and do still include them in your schedule? If you do use them, how often do you do them?

Till next time, take care and good lifting.


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