Last 4 days of morning fun

Monday was the worst of the three days I had to suffer the chest cold I happened to come down with. Luckily I had to grade a Fitness Test that morning, and after work I crashed as soon as I got to the house. Tuesday morning I felt great.

Tuesday thru Thursday, I took a break from my SealFit experiment, and I got to run guys through some pretty fun workouts for morning PT. the workouts were put together from old workouts of mine, Military Athlete, and couldn’t resist putting a little of the SealFit program on them for the endurance portion.

Each session lasts only an hour and fifteen minutes including warm up, and cool down.

I listed my weights, and rounds in parenthesis.

Warm up and stretch
5×3 bench press (165/195 /225 /255 /285×1/265×2)
5×3 barbell bent over rows (135/165/195/205/22 5)
36’s + 20m wheel barrow walk *(36’s are: explained below)
18’s with 45lb plate **(look below)
6-3 pull up work ***(look below)

Endurance – 5×1 minute on, 1 minute off, max row. (1609m rowed total)

Warm up 5 rounds of
4 lunges
10 push ups

Main body-
10 rounds of
4 weighted lunges (2 per leg) increasing weight each round (listed are dumbbells per hand- 25/30/35/40/45/50/55/60/70/75)
4 body weight squat jumps

5 rounds of farmers carries x 50′ with 70lb dumbbells

Endurance- half “Murph” (took about 29 minutes to complete, no partitioning)
.5 mile run
50 pull ups
100 push ups
150 squats
.5 mile run

Warm up 5 roun ds of
5pull ups
10 push ups
15 squats

Main- 10 rounds of
Push Press/ jerk singles (95/105/135/155/165/175/185-missed/175 for last three singles)

3 rounds of-
30 ankle to bar
40 flutter kicks (4 count)
50 sit ups

Finished with 1,000m row (4:16)

Yesterday’s workout was the SealFit workout i had scheduled for the day from the 8 week program. I wanted to see how the guys would do with a full workout from SealFit.

Warm up of Jumping rope, Hindu push ups, flutter kicks.

WOD : 6 rounds in 20minutes of 400m run, and 10 weighted pull ups at 35lbs (completed five rounds in the 20min time limit)

Strength: 30 Renegade Man Makers at 35-50 lbs

Endurance : Rest v>

Stamina : 1000m row, 50 pull ups, 50 push ups, 50 v-ups, 1000m row (had to shorten the distances for rowing due to time constraints )

Overall impression of the week
I was very happy with how the guys attacked the workouts. We scaled the weights, and exercises to meet their abilities, but with the volume of work they took on made the scaling a non issue. They got a great workout despite it.

Now I am back on schedule, feeling much better, and very happy to see the improvements on my own performance. This is the first time I have worked out with others in a while, and now have a better idea of how SealFit has helped improve my overall fitness and mental drive compared to others. What a great program.

Till next time, take care and good lifting,


*36’s= exerciser is in a push up position; partner stands over him; exerciser holds the down position of a push up, while the partner applies pressure pushing down on his shoulder blades for 6 seconds; the partner releases pressure on 6 seconds and the exerciser knocks out 6 reps of the push up; repeat, with no rest 6 times for a total of 36 seconds of tension in the bottom, and 36 reps of pushups. Finish with the partner holding the ankles and walking the exerciser wheelbarrow style.

**18’s are the same as above, but only three rounds. We did the 18’s with a 45lb plate instead of having the partner pushing down.

*** 6-3 pull up work- perform an inverted row with feet elevated, hold the top position for 6 seconds, relax, and immediately perform 3 reps of chin ups from a pull ups bar, repeat 6 times no rest. Total of 36 seconds tension and 18 chin ups.

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