Year in the rear view mirror

Well, I can’t believe it but the end of 2012 is here, and what an interesting year it has been. Taking a look back on it now, it was a pretty eventful year, and as for physical training, it has been a very productive one at that.

What I want to do is a quick recap of some of the training that made me step outside my comfort zone, and in doing so really learn something.

  • 20 Rep squats:

The year started off with my second 6 week cycle of 20 reps squats. My goal was to get 300 pounds for 20 good reps. The mental training from this program was outstanding. Just getting psyched up before getting under the bar was a workout in and of itself. 300 was not to be, but 290 x 20 was. It was a very tough 6 weeks, but the rewards in knowledge and intestinal fortitude were well worth it.

    Several cycles of Military Athlete Stamina focused work

    These are two week long Stamina focused cycles. The two weeks are high volume, and very demanding. You do two-a-days on Monday and Wednesday, Tuesday and Thursday regular length Military Athlete workouts, and Friday is and hour and a half long workout. There is an awful lot of work done in those two weeks, but I found my recovery ability improved when I returned to my regular style workouts.

    Military Athlete’s approach to training has had the biggest influence on my training by far. If you have not looked into Military Athlete before, I highly recommend it. I still use pieces of their planning methodology in my own planning.

    • Highland Games assisting and Farmers carry

    I had a great time helping with the setup and assisting in the judging of the local Highland Games this su mmer. I am going to compete in the full games this summer, and can’t wait to start training for the specific events. Throwing heavy things for distance and height, sounds like fun.

    The farmers carry didn’t go like I was expecting it to go this year. I was hoping to improve on my performance from the year prior, but fell short. My buddy beat me soundly this year, and now I have to work all the harder this year to avoid a repeat.

    • 10,000 swings in 10 days challenge

    It took me eleven days, but there was nothing I could do about work. It was an outstanding challenge. I took it on after the let down from the farmers carry at the Highland Games.

    24kg kettlebell, 10,000 swings, and trying to get it done in 10 days. The last couple of days I had to mak e up for lost time, so 2,000 swings were on the docket for the tail end of it.

    • Working with guys dealing with injuries

    During the latter half of the year, I had alot of fun running Physical training for the guys with various injuries. Twisted ancles, muscle pulls, broken bones etc. During the training, the guys showed a lot of heart, and by the end of our time together, had met and exceeded all expectations. The one exercise they dreaded was the sledgehammer strikes on the tire, but that last week, they met the goal with a full ten minutes of strikes with the 20lb sledge, or for the smaller guys the 10lb.

    Unfortunately I also acquired an injury this near. A nagging minor hernia. Lots of fun, but not anything that cannot be worked around.


    • SealFit

    I finished the year with a foray into the 8 weeks to SealFit program. I still have a few workouts left till I am officially done, but it has been a very educational experience to say the least.

    My biggest take aways so far have been an improved run time and form, work capacity when tackling WOD’s, and the forced improvement on all the Olympic lifts (just in order to get through the WOD ‘s.)

    • The new year is almost here.

    This has been a very good year, and it closes out here soon. Tomorrow brings on another 365 tomorrow’s that we can either fill, or leave empty.

    Choose to fill your days with family, love and challenges overcome, and plan your tomorrow’s open to new experiences, and barriers to be broken though. Never stop learning.

    Till next year, take care


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  1. I read the stuff you do with amazement. Especially jealous of the squats. I’m still stuck in squat purgatory. Hope 2013 is an awesome year for you and your family!

    • Thanks for the kind words, and I hope you too have outstanding new year.

      purgatory is a great description, and I’ve been there too. that feeling of seperation from where you are and want to be, but it will pass. Keep at it, and sometimes it just takes time, or a little tweak in technique. (still doesn’t make the wait any better)


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