Goals for the new year

So far so good. 2013 has started off peaceful, relaxing, and with a great workout.

2,013 reps with the 24kg kettle bell. I wanted to do this yesterday, but 2012 ended so badly, that I decided to hold off until today. (no need to beat a dead horse, so i decided to break in a new one I guess)

The whole thing took me 2:39:26, and was broken down as follows:

  • 250 snatches
  • 259 jerks
  • 1,504 two hand swings.

It combined my Veterans Day workout, and a heavy swing workout, and it was a test of the willpower to finish the last 400 or so swings.

New years resolution: work at being a better man.

Now on to some of the goals I hope to accomplish this year God willing.

  1. Compete in the local gym’s push pull competition 12 January
  2. Compete in the Highland Games in June&nb sp;
  3. Beat my performance from last year on the farmers walk, but my goal is 300’+ at the Highland Games
  4. Run a sub 14 minute two mile run like I used too
  5. Run 10 miles in at least 80 minutes (this one may take a while)
  6. Hit 200 reps in 10 minutes of kb snatches with the 24kg
  7. PR on the bench press (current best is 307)
  8. Get 450+ on the deadlift
  9. Squat 300×20 reps by year end
  10. And complete the Crossfit Hero WOD “Murph” under 40 minutes bodyweight, and under 60 minutes with body armor.
  11. Compete in a full power lifting meet later this year

Those are the goals. How I get to them will be developed as I go along. Work schedules, and life will get in the way I’m sure, but all the bumps in the road will be handled as they come up.

Hope your year started well, and all your goals, whatever they may be, are met by years end.

Till n ext time, take care and good lifting


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  1. Glad someone is starting the new year right; I have been a total sack so far…good work Tim!!


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