The next six to eight weeks

The new year has progressed slowly so far, and work has been busier than ever. There is just a lot going on, and very little down time to focus on anything but work. Add a long string of missed meals, odd hours, and i set myself up for an injury. Muscle spasms in the lower back forced me to take a two week back off period, with minimal heavy lifting and lots of stretching and rehab work to get things moving again.

Because of the muscle spasms, I wasn’t able to do the Push Pull competition at the local gym, and that was very disappointing for me personally. This was an excellent choice for the first competition of the year: my local gym, push pull, and with familiar faces competing. Oh well, life happens.

The next six weeks
Now feeling better, I have started my next six to eight week cycle. I mulled on it all week, and after a lot of back and forth on what I wanted to do, I decided to hit the 20rep squat program again. This will be a different approach to the same six week plan. Applying all the lessons learned from the past year since my last foray under the bar, I think I will get more out of it this time.

I know I lost squat strength during my SealFit experience, and this loss of strength and technique convinced me to start back with the lighter weights in the squat, and make increases in load from there.

My best 20rep weight was 290, and i hope to surpass that, if not this cycle, maybe next.

For the next six weeks I will post the daily workouts and lessons learned.

Today was day number one:

  1. Warm up- 10 rounds of 5 Burpee Pull Ups. I did burpee pull ups with an ankle to bar before dropping to the ground for four of the 10 sets. Not a bad exercise, and a good addition to the arsenal. I got this from SealFit, and as soon as I find the name for it I will post it. Burpee Pull Ups are a great warm up for the whole body.
  2. Barbell over head press- 3 sets of 12. I did these with 95lbs, and they were strict. I will use this weight again next time because I had to push press the last three reps on the third set. When I can do all three sets strict, I will add 5 lbs.
  3. Barbell Bench Press- 3 sets of 10. Weights were by set 135/185/225. Again I will use the same weights next time. I only got 7 with 225. When I get 10, I will add 5lbs to all sets.
  4. Barbell bent over rows- 2 sets of 15. I used 135, and will be adding 5lbs to the bar next time.
  5. Barbell curls- 2 sets of 10. I used 95lbs, and will be adding 5lbs to the bar next time.
  6. Squats- 1 set of 20. I hit several warm ups sets of 3 reps with 135, and 195 before hitting 205×20. It has been a while since I did these, but they felt good. I could definitely feel some cramping in the legs a fter the set. Going to add 10lbs next time.
  7. “bend and shrug”- 1 set of 15. This is a new addition to the squat routine I did last time. I got it from an old Harry Paschall “Bosco” book, Muscle Moulding. All it is really is a stiff leg deadlift with a shrug at the top. Felt great, and glad I added it. I will add 5lbs next time.
  8. Dumbell Circles- 1 set of 16. I used 50lb dumbells. These are alternating dumbell curls. Muscle Moulding had them listed under this name, and so I use it here.
  9. Dumbell Pullovers – 1 set of 20. I used 40 lbs, and will be adding 5lbs to them next time.
  10. Calf Raises- 3 sets of 20, no weight. I did these standing with toes on a board. I will be adding weight to them next time.

It felt good to hit an old school workout. The change of pace was refreshing, and now I know I was getting burned out from all the WOD’s and marathon sessions from SealFit.

Tomorrow is body weight work in the garage, as well as a little grip training.

Tomorrow I will have the workouts all planned out and will continue to tweak them as I go. If the progress is good, barring any injuries, I will push the six weeks to eight. Once the squats get over 255+ though, it gets tough doing them week in and week out, so we’ll just have to see how it goes.

Till next time, take care and good lifting,


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  1. I often wonder when my “slow down” time might be due to injuries, or at least preventing them from happening in the first place. There was a very well known bodybuilder (old school 60’s/70’s) that had posted about how his body was feeling currently and it wasn’t good. He has had so many ailments that he says is directly related to going hard for too long. I asked the question to him in which I never actually got a response…”In your opinion, when is a good time to taper back from training hard?”…I am sure it is subjective but it still would have been nice to know from someone who has already lived it.


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