Getting back on track

Another busy week is out of the way, the next is already started.

Hopefully everyone got to enjoy the Super Bowl yesterday, and I’m really happy it was a good game the whole way through. I had no favorites in this one, but decided to root for the Ravens to win. What a great game.

During the week we had several good workouts with the injured guys. They hit the workouts hard and are actually excited for the morning workouts. The most common statement from those who have been working with me for the last week or so is ” I actually look forward to coming to PT in the morning now”.

Last Friday though I had to take my APFT. It is still the old basic test consisting of 2min of Push ups, 2min of sit ups, and a 2 mile run. The morning of, I felt like ass, but did better than I have in a while on it. The run was what I was most happy about. 15: 14. Not blazing fast, but much faster than I have been in a looooonnng time. I wish I had pushed it a little harder on the run to break into the 14 minute time bracket, but I’ll take what I got for now.

Following the PT test, a few buddies and I hit the kettlebells to finish things off. They are trying to get the technique for the snatch and swing down so we did the following:

  • 5+5×5 snatches at 24kg ( I went ahead and did a 10min test at 50% effort hitting 97 reps while coaching form.)
  • 5 rounds of 25 swings, and 5 pull ups


This was the end of week one of my 20 rep squat routine. To end the week the focus was on low reps, technique, and building up my base for the following work weeks. Pretty easy workout, with plenty of recovery between efforts.

  • Warm up-
  • 3x 5 squats
  • 3x 5 swings 28kg
  • 3×5 blast strap push ups
  • 5x 5 burpee pull ups

5×3 weighted dips- 45/70/90/115/135×1 and almost got a second rep/135-missed
5×3 weighted pull ups- 45/70/90/90×2/90×1
5 x 3 squats- 135/165/195/225/255
5×5 kb swings with 48kg bell


Today I had a day off from work, so i was able to get wk two started off on the right foot.

  • WARM UP foam roll 5x 5 burpee pull ups- really focused on rolling out the lower body and upper back. I would do a set of the burpee pull ups and then do several shoulder dislocates with the pvc, then roll out the muscles. Felt great after this warm up.
  • Barbell bench press 3 x10- 165/195/225×8 racked weight after eigth rep (got one more rep than last week. All very strict)
  • Barbell bent over rows 2×15- 145/145
  • Back squats 4x 3 wu, then 215×20
  • Kettlebell swings 10×3 with 48kg bell
  • Dumbell pull over s 1x 20
  • Kettlebell carries- using two 24kg kettlebells, and down and back the length of a basketball court as one lap I did the following carries:
  • Rack position one lap, no rest going into
  • Farmers carry, then into
  • Waiters carry with right arm up going down, and left arm up coming back.

Took a quick break and then did one lap of:

  • Right kb in rack position, left overhead down, and right overhead and left in rack position back.

Stretched out

Feel great after today, and feel a lot more confident with the squats.

Till next time, take care and good lifting


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