Great week, and a new challenge attempted

What a week! Work was unusually busy, but it worked out in my favor, it was a good recovery week. A regular meal schedule, several short low intensity workouts in the mornings to get the muscles and joints back in order, and at a minimum 6 hours of sleep a night all made the week worthwhile.

Last weekend

This past weekend I had two very long heavy lifting sessions in the gym, but they were very enjoyable and the bulk of the work was focused on low reps, and heavy weights. The squat day on Saturday was a catch up day, and i combined the two squat workouts from last week into one and hit both goals for the week: 265×3 on my fifth set, 225×20 after a quick breather, and 16×5 swings with the 48kg bell.

Monday was a day off from work, and got to shake things up a bit with Goerner’s “the chain”, mixed with some kettlebell work and some odd lifts with the barbell. With the squat racks occupied, I switched my plan of partial dead lifts from the pins, to one hand dead lifts with the cambered bar. Using the bar with a camber allows for one handed lifts without the worry of the bar rotating out of the fingers while lifting it like happens when using the straight oly bar. My last attempt on these about 3+ years ago I topped out at 305 right hand. This time I got 275 to lockout with both left and right hands, but 305 only got halfway up before my grip gave out with both hands. I did get further with the right hand though. Finished up the day with heavy squat lockouts in the rack taking 4 steps forward, and backward with the weight on the back as yoke walk practice.

End of the week competition

For morning PT session friday, my unit had a competition planned between several of the sections. It went pretty well, but the judging of the events turned out to be pretty loose when it came to standards on pull ups, dead lifts, and burpees. The pull up was where the biggest discrepancy was. Kipping guys kipped, strict guys did their thing, and some even did jumping pull ups. Lesson learned, and this will be explained better I hope next time to the judges. Overall it was a good workout, and several guys found out that they needed some work on their weak areas.

After the competition was dome, we got to split up and do our own workouts for the remaining hour or so of PT. With the kettlebells available, I decided to give the WKC’s Kettlebell Pentathlon a whirl.

Here is the link to their site for the details:

I had only just read about this the day before, and was hooked on giving this a shot. It is well worth a try. It is setup so that anyone can do it. The weights used f or each exercise are up to you, and the Site also has all the information on technique etc for kettlebell lifting that one could ask for.

The weights are variable, but six minutes is six minutes, and those six minutes of exercise seem a lot longer than six minutes should. I was cussing my buddy out several times, thinking he was screwing with me while calling off times.

It being my first go at this event, I picked the 24kg bell. I kept it loaded at 24kg for all the exercises except for the Half Snatches, for these I went with the 20kg bell. My palms thanked me this morning, and my callouses are are still intact.
Below are my totals and overall score:

  1. 106= 318
  2. 56=168
  3. 86=258
  4. 82=205 (20kg)
  5. 65=195
  6. 318+168+258+205+195 = 1144

Next time I will increase the loads on the cleans, and half snatches.

Give it a shot, you may be surprised at how well you like it. I am definitely going to give this many more attempts in the future.

Till next time, take care and good lifting,


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