A good heavy day, and random thoughts.


Today was a pretty good day at the gym. I went in going for my squat numbers for the week, and ended up knocking out both the 3rep and 20 rep numbers I was going for.

  • Squats- 135 x5/ 165 x3/ 195 x3/ 225 x3/ 305×3
  • Squats- 240×20
  • Farmers walk- Rogue Fitness farmers handles. (total weight by meters walked)
  • 229x 25m x 2
  • 329x 25m x 2
  • 429x 25m x 1
  • 229 x 25m x 1


My son is down to visit this week while on spring break from college. He needed the break, and is enjoying being lazy. He runs a pretty full schedule, and is taking several tough courses. .

We have had two good workouts in the garage gym this week. He has a good base to start from, and likes working out which is the most important thing. With him he lping out coaching the local high school tennis team, he takes fitness pretty seriously. I really like having him around and wish he could visit more, and stay longer.

Still rolling along with the plan, and continuing to rebuild both my technique and strength base in both squats and dead lifts. The toughest part is keeping to the numbers, and week after week plodding away.

Some of my friends have been hitting some pretty impressive numbers on the big lifts. Working out with them and talking with them has made it pretty tough to keep to the plan. They expect me to have higher numbers on my lifts, and having to explain the plan I am on, with the smaller numbers than they expect me to be shooting for has been an ego killer. Right now, I have less pain, and better gains than I have had in a long time. My technique is starting to be more natural, a nd refined enabling me to make weekly poundage and rep increases. I am finally over the 300lb mark for triples, so it lessens the blow a little from here on out.

The only saving grace has been the kettlebell work, and one handed lifts and presses/jerks with the dumbells and barbell. I am really digging the kettlebells now, and the reps are getting up there, as are the weights.

One thing I noticed recently, is how long a set of 20 rep squats takes. When your doing them, it feels like a long time, but when you watch someone do them, it really hits you. It took a friend of mine almost three minutes to complete his set. Another friend, an beast of squatting and deadlifting, took just over two minutes. I never realized how long you were under tension.

The picture is just one of twenty reps from the gym today.

It’s been a long time since I’ve had any workout partners. That has changed a little, and I have been meeting up with friends at the gym, and enjoying the comraderie. Everyone works out differently, there is no single schedule we all follow, but the goals are all the same- getting strong, and proving it. Each of us has different strengths and we exchange ideas, and motivate each other. It feels good to have a community of experienced lifters with strong opinions on strength and fitness to have fun with.

Till next time, take care and good lifting,


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