A smudge on the mirror

Almost every gym you walk into these days is surrounded with mirrors. It seems they have strtegically placed the mirrors so you can watch every angle of your body grow as you pump away, posture and pose.

The problem I run into while squatting is the mirror is a distraction. When I hit the bottom of the squat, I’ll catch myself looking at my depth, instead of looking forward. When I do this, I have issue out of the hole with falling forwards. The movement in the background, and that guy lingering to the side waiting to ask how many more sets you have in the rack can also upset your focus.

To keep focused, I use the following trick, and it may work for you as well. Chalk your hands up, stand between the Bar and the mirror looking straight forward. Make a big thick chalky thumb smudge on the mirror right between your eyes.

When you unrack the weight, focus your eyes on the spot, and continue to do so during the descent, all the way to completion. This will keep your eyes up, and the head. This will in turn keep you from falling forward in the hole, and risking injury or missing the rep. When you are done with the squat rack, just wipe the mirror off and your done.

If your gym doesn’t have chalk, use atheltic tape.

I know they tell you to focus on something in the distance, and this works well in a large gym, but in tight quarters, with mirrors and lots of movement, this seems to work best.

Give it a try. You will be suprised at how much focusing on a properly placed chalk smudge on the mirror can clean up your technique, and filter out all the distractions in the gym.

Take care, and good lifting


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