KB Pentathlon number 2

The last time I did the WKC’s Kettlebell Pentathlon, I had no idea what I was getting into. There was no strategy to how I would go about it, nor did I have any idea as to how I would perform. At least this time I knew what I was getting into, but strategy was still lacking in my approach past the first two exercises.

The first attempt
The first attempt at the Pentathlon was on 22 February, following a PT competition at work. I chose to use the 24kg bell for all of the exercises except the Half Snatches, which I used the 20kg bell in an effort to keep the calluses from tearing on the palms of my hands. The results for the first attempt are below-

  • Cleans 106= 318
  • Long Cycle Clean and Press 56=168
  • Jerks 86=258
  • Half Snatches 82=205 (20kg)
  • PUSH Press 65=195
  • Total- 318+168+258+205+195 = 1144

Results from yesterday

This time around, I planned my reps per minute out for the first two exercises, and had a general idea of how to tackle the remaining exercises, but nothing solid. For the cleans, I used the 28kg bell, and planned to use the same weights I did the first time for the remaining exercises.

  • Cleans 120= 420
  • Long Cycle Clean and Press 60=180
  • Jerks 75= 225
  • Half Snatches 74= 185(20kg)
  • PUSH Press 66= 198
  • 420+180+225+185+198= 1208

I was able to time the the first two events perfectly, and hit the max number of reps allowed right at the buzzer. After the clean and presses though, all bets were off, and i definitely was sucking ass after that. By the time I started the half snatches, my calluses were tearing in several spots, and every rep was a gamble as to whether or not I would be able to hold onto the handle during the catch out of the rack position.

I was really happy with the results. I was able to max out reps on two exercises, and increase the load on one of them. My next attempt will be more thought out, and hopefully my hands will have toughened up enough to be able to handle the 24kg in the half snatches.

Till next time, take care and good lifting,


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