13.75 laps

Today I was on my own for PT this morning. One guy is in a class for the next two weeks, and the other pulled or tweaked something during yesterday’s squat session and was getting it checked out by the medics this morning.

Because we have to do PT as a group, and we are not allowed to run on own own during PT hours, I headed to the gym. I hate running tracks, and was not going to do the scheduled 5 mile run on a track, I made two miles feel worse than five.

It is 13.75 laps in the gym to equal 2 miles. I signed out two 24kg kettle bells, and got to work.

I did one of two kettle bell exercises before doing one lap.
The odd number laps were preceded by 20 half snatches (10 each arm)

The even number laps were preceded by 10 reps of two kettle bell jerk, or push presses.

13 total sets of kettle bells, and 13.75 laps.

Totals for the day were 140 reps of half snatches, 60 total two hands jerk or presses, and 2 miles of running a fast pace.

Wow did it suck. Nothing got hit particularly hard, but it was pretty much a whole body feeling of exhaustion.

Till next time, take care and good lifting,



Plans changed, and a new PR.

We got a late start to the gym this morning and lost out on getting a tire to work out with, so the whole sledgehammer workout went out the window.

We adapted and went with an old stand by.

  1. 250 swings at 24kg
  2. 10 down to 1 of pull ups with 20 reps of an ab exercise between each set
  3. 5 down to 1 of ankles to bar with 20 push ups between each set
  4. My buddies did some Kettle bell one arm press singles work . Did about 10 singles per arm at varying weights working on form *
  5. Finished with 175 swings same weight as before, 24kg.

* I worked up in weight with strict presses for doubles, then tried for a PR on the 48kg bell for push presses. Still sitting at 2 for the left hand, but got 7 good ones with the right hand. The next set I hit 1 left, and 3 right. Was super pumped up about the increase in reps, and form improvement.

Very happy with today, and glad we had to adapt to the situation, or else I might not have made the PR.

Till next time, take care and good lifting,


Run interrupted….

This mornings workout consisted of a 4 mile run and a Finisher of 150m of lunges. It was a recovery run, and not meant to be anymore than a moderate pace.

About a mile and a half into the run, my buddy says, “Hey look a bear.”

Sure enough, about a hundred meters in front of us, in a fenced in area was a big ‘ol black bear running around. We stopped and watched as he quickly climbed up the ten foot tall chain link fence, worked itself over the barbed wire, and hung by its front paws before dropping down to the ground. It ran into a construction yard, and then ran off into the wood line.

We turned around and finished a three mile run for the day, followed by 150m of lunges.

Gotta love Alaska.

Till next time, take care and good lifting,


Good start to the week….

Good long slog of a workout this morning. Started with a good little warm up, proceeded onto a strength focus, then hammered it all home with some Bodybuilders.

Here’s what we did.

  • Warm up: 4 rounds
  1. 6 slasher to halo
  2. 30/5/30 side plank, push up, side plank
  3. 6 sit ups
  4. 6 stiff leg Dead lifts at 95lbs
  • Squats. 5×5 adding weight each set.
  • Bench press. 5×5 adding weight each set
  • Finisher: 50 bodybuilders (this is a burpee pull up, then from a dead hang, before dropping off the bar, an ankle to bar.)

Went pretty well. Both of us were dragging ass in the beginning of the workout, but got more motivated towards the end.

Till next time, take care and good lifting,


Good workout this morning.

This morning I hit a workout I have been doing weekly for the last several weeks. This workout is one of the few things I have been consistent with.

  1. 5 rounds of 5 power snatches with 95lb barbell, then 5 overhead squats before putting the bar down.
  2. Power clean and jerk for singles, starting at 95lb, adding 10 lbs each set until form breaks or I can’t get it overhead. (175-185lbs has been the limit for the clean portion. Jerk has not been the issue.)
  3. Finishing with dead lift singles. Starting with 185, and adding weight each set until form breaks. Last time this happened at 364. This morning I finished with a solid 395.

The warm up is 5 sets of :

  1. 5 pull ups
  2. 10 push ups
  3. 15 sit ups

Today’s finisher consisted of 5 hand stand push ups, followed by 5 chin ups for 3 rounds.

It is a nice solid workout that hits all the right spots.

Till next time, take care and good lifting,


The difference a handle makes.


Regular dumbell handle = 8-15 reps Big dumbell handle, same weight = 2-5 reps. Thick handles mean stronger hands and arms. Some light kettle bell work, followed by some thick handle curls = a good end to the day.

Still here, just busy beyond all belief….

Things have been so busy the last month that I don’t even know what has happened since the last time I posted.

I know I have had a few good workouts during that time, but the pace of work and personal home issues have taken their toll on me mentally, and I am just exhausted. Completely exhausted. 

Fighting back out of this slump is now the priority. Good thing is, some of the nagging injuries have kind of gone away, but, that’s not saying I feel any better.

Time to stop feeling sorry for myself and time to get after it. I have the Highland games coming up the end of June, and I will not let work get in the way again. (I have to beat my buddy this year on the farmers walk, if it kills me).

Till next time, take care and good lifting