Still here, just busy beyond all belief….

Things have been so busy the last month that I don’t even know what has happened since the last time I posted.

I know I have had a few good workouts during that time, but the pace of work and personal home issues have taken their toll on me mentally, and I am just exhausted. Completely exhausted. 

Fighting back out of this slump is now the priority. Good thing is, some of the nagging injuries have kind of gone away, but, that’s not saying I feel any better.

Time to stop feeling sorry for myself and time to get after it. I have the Highland games coming up the end of June, and I will not let work get in the way again. (I have to beat my buddy this year on the farmers walk, if it kills me).

Till next time, take care and good lifting


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  1. I have been just as inconsistent with my blogs too Tim so dont feel bad…mine was more due to lack of interest in actually finding something to write about rather than being busy. I also have been dealing with nagging hip issues that have taken me completely out of doing squats…Iliopsoas Bursitis from what I can tell…oh well though, I am still doing deads every other week or so to not overdo it. Best of luck on your return!!

    • The most aggravating part of the whole thing isn’t the 75-80+ hour work weeks, it has been all the missed meals. So, while the injuries have healed up, overall I feel worse than I did when I was injured (strained a lat, and bicep I am guessing) . its all good, last year was awesome, this year so so, but still a lot left to it. I did almost get a muscle up on the straight bar. chest over the bar, just couldn’t get the elbows over the bar enough to hold and press. closest I have come to getting in position yet. keep at it man, and thanks for the motivation.

      • Gotcha, yeah when I am busy and not working out I don’t even pay much attention to food at all since I know my body doesnt need anything “extra” persay. Hopefully summer will help open up some time for you…or maybe not…your work is probably very labor intensive. As far as muscle ups go, the transition is always the hardest part. Most people who can do pull ups can do chest to bar pull ups…and, most people who can do pull ups can usually do dips given there are no injuries to that area…the only thing missing in transitioning from basically a chest to bar pull up to a dip…which is where the problem lies…haha. I kip into muscle ups, I CANNOT do them strict like some people I know but you take what you can get right?!? haha. The more you work on them the better you get at them.

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