Good start to the week….

Good long slog of a workout this morning. Started with a good little warm up, proceeded onto a strength focus, then hammered it all home with some Bodybuilders.

Here’s what we did.

  • Warm up: 4 rounds
  1. 6 slasher to halo
  2. 30/5/30 side plank, push up, side plank
  3. 6 sit ups
  4. 6 stiff leg Dead lifts at 95lbs
  • Squats. 5×5 adding weight each set.
  • Bench press. 5×5 adding weight each set
  • Finisher: 50 bodybuilders (this is a burpee pull up, then from a dead hang, before dropping off the bar, an ankle to bar.)

Went pretty well. Both of us were dragging ass in the beginning of the workout, but got more motivated towards the end.

Till next time, take care and good lifting,


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