Plans changed, and a new PR.

We got a late start to the gym this morning and lost out on getting a tire to work out with, so the whole sledgehammer workout went out the window.

We adapted and went with an old stand by.

  1. 250 swings at 24kg
  2. 10 down to 1 of pull ups with 20 reps of an ab exercise between each set
  3. 5 down to 1 of ankles to bar with 20 push ups between each set
  4. My buddies did some Kettle bell one arm press singles work . Did about 10 singles per arm at varying weights working on form *
  5. Finished with 175 swings same weight as before, 24kg.

* I worked up in weight with strict presses for doubles, then tried for a PR on the 48kg bell for push presses. Still sitting at 2 for the left hand, but got 7 good ones with the right hand. The next set I hit 1 left, and 3 right. Was super pumped up about the increase in reps, and form improvement.

Very happy with today, and glad we had to adapt to the situation, or else I might not have made the PR.

Till next time, take care and good lifting,


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