13.75 laps

Today I was on my own for PT this morning. One guy is in a class for the next two weeks, and the other pulled or tweaked something during yesterday’s squat session and was getting it checked out by the medics this morning.

Because we have to do PT as a group, and we are not allowed to run on own own during PT hours, I headed to the gym. I hate running tracks, and was not going to do the scheduled 5 mile run on a track, I made two miles feel worse than five.

It is 13.75 laps in the gym to equal 2 miles. I signed out two 24kg kettle bells, and got to work.

I did one of two kettle bell exercises before doing one lap.
The odd number laps were preceded by 20 half snatches (10 each arm)

The even number laps were preceded by 10 reps of two kettle bell jerk, or push presses.

13 total sets of kettle bells, and 13.75 laps.

Totals for the day were 140 reps of half snatches, 60 total two hands jerk or presses, and 2 miles of running a fast pace.

Wow did it suck. Nothing got hit particularly hard, but it was pretty much a whole body feeling of exhaustion.

Till next time, take care and good lifting,


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