Putting it all together

Here is a simple circuit I use as a warm up before hitting the weights. This ensures I have my forearm work done when my energy is high and not just an after thought.

3 rounds thru each hand

Wrist curls 20 reps
Reverse wrist curls 10 reps
Sledgehammer curl front 5 reps
Sledgehammer curl rear 5 reps
Hammer rotations 5 reps
Gripper 1×10 sec. hold
Pinches 5 reps
Levers 1 rep with heaviest hammer.


Sledgehammer levering


Finally, sledgehammer levering to the forehead with the arm outstretched is a tremendous wrist and grip builder.

Simply grasp the handle at the base (1), steady the hammer with your arm straight; slowly, and carefully allow it to come towards your forehead(2). (for safety, use your other hand to block your face if you feel you may lose control). Once there (3) reverse the motion (4).

Do singles.

Pinch grip


Using some of the cheaper grippers from any sports Store, build your thumb strength by using the thumb and fingers to pinch it closed.

Go for timed closes, or sets of 3-5 reps.



To develop that crushing grip, very few things can compare to Captains of Crush grippers from Irommind.

Merely set the gripper in the hand to where your fingers wrap around securely. Squeeze the heck out of the gripper until the handles touch.

Go for singles increasing the strength of the gripper each set if you have several handy. If not, hold the gripper shut for time or do 2-5 reps ea. set

Sledgehammer curls


Grab the sledgehammer as far down on the handle as you can control with the hammer head to the front (1); keep the wrist straight and the handle parallel to the ground; curl the hammer till arm is 90 degrees at the elbow (2) now reverse the motion, never letting the hammer head sag, and the handle parralel.
Now do the same to the rear being sure to keep the grip and wrist tight.

5-10 reps a set.

Wrist rotations with the sledgehammer


Grasp hammer as in photo (1); keeping elbow tight to side, arm at 90 degrees to ground, rotate weight inside (2); then outside (3).

Be careful to maintain control of the rotation and control the weighted end of the hammer.

If it is too much weight for you, choke up on the handle closer to the weight; too easy, slide the hand further away from the hammer head.

Reps anywhere from 5-15 per set.

Forearm developer


The forearm developer, wrist curl machine, whatever you call it- they are easily found in most convenience stores and local sports stores.

Not much to it. You can either do wrist curls (a), or reverse wrist curls (b). 

Note that in picture (c) I have the hand grip resting on the backs of my knuckles to give more range of motion in reverse curls.

Reps can vary from 10-50 per set

Tools for forearm development

Forearm and hand strength are often neglected in favor of working the upper arm.

Improving lower arm, grip, and wrist strength will have major effects on the other big lifts. Holding onto heavier weights, keeping the wrists straight during presses, and improving how your hands handle the day to day tasks we ask of them.


Today I will try to cover how to use each of these items effectively.