Goerner’s “the chain”


I posted about this a while ago, and the old post links are below, but here are some photos to help visualize this awesome warm up.

The swing:
1- place DB on end as shown.
2- stand with feet comfortable width with the DB to the rear of the heels
3- grasp handle with either hand
4- proper set up position, with off hand braced on knee
5, 6, 7- in one explosive movement, swing the with straight arm till it is overhead and the body is erect.
(start with the legs, hips. The db will naturally swing forward, just keep force going)

From the overhead position of the completed swing:
2- lower the bell to the shoulder,
3- press back to overhead
4- now lower all the way to the hang position
5- now curl to the shoulder
6, 7, 8- now press overhead

From swing to the last press is one rep.

Do either multiple reps of the same weight as you see fit, switching hands every rep and never setting the bell down. Or 1 per hand per weight.

Goerner’s “the chain”

Goerner’s “the chain” part 2

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