Well, I am going to give this another go.

I really hated having to give up posting to the blog, but with all the stuff going on right now in my life, something had to give, and this was one of the things on the chopping block.

I never realized how therapeutic it was to do this thing, but it really is.

It is also a journal of sorts as well for my training, and also where I am currently with my goals, and what I want to do.

No one may read what I write, but I will be able to use it as a memory aid later down the road. With all the big changes coming in the next 5 or 6 months in life, it may be a big help.

Till next time take care and good lifting


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  1. I feel ya Tim!! I actually had a falling out with my old blog and I am now doing a new blog with a few of my buddies http://www.strengthmilitia.wordpress.com. These are two guys that I initially trained and have since done amazing things on their own which is awesome. Glad to see you back at it!!

    • Yep. This can be a time consuming thing at time, but it has its benefits. Good practice for how to write, and push information out to people who may have never heard of it before. New ideas, etc.

      Happy to be back, and will definitely check out the blog you recommended.

      Take care man

  2. The spotmebro Site is pretty cool. Good post by the way.

    Thanks, and happy belated Thanksgiving

    Take care man.


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