Pre- Thanksgiving day workout today

This morning’s workout was pretty relaxing until the end.

My buddy and I worked through Barbell snatch work, over head squats all with lite weight. Then moved on to work cleans for reps from the floor with moderate weight. We then hit some jerks from the rack for singles until we maxed out for the day.

Our technique for all these lifts has gotten a little rusty from the last few weeks of long work days and a hectic schedule so we didn’t force anything.

To seal the deal we finished with a bang though.
3 rounds of:

5 handstand push ups
10 cleans with two 44lb KB’s
15 Chin ups
20 lunges with 45lb plate overhead

Tomorrow, pre turkey, I will hit the kettlebells pretty hard and wash it down with lots of turkey and trimmings.

Till next time, take care and happy Thanksgiving.


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