Week in the rear view

This week was all about dragging ass, and just feeling wore down. It was just not a good week for feeling energized, and motivated. I don’t know what it was about this week, but at least it’s over with.

There were two workouts that do stand out this week.

I went to train knowing that SealFit had “Murph” as the workout for the day, but i had a hankering for a little bit more than just that. I haven’t been able to do the big three lifts in a while, and wanted to see what I could total before hitting a body weight only “Murph”. Here’s how it went.

  1. SQUATS- 8 sets of doubles working up in weight until I hit 275, then 3 singles working up to my max of 315 for the day. This was slightly depressing. When I mean 315 was the max, I mean it was a a true max. I was glad to just get it out of the hole, let alone stand erect with it. I have lost about 70 lbs on my max with squats over the weeks of SealFit. I know I can easily get this back with just some technical work, and time under the bar, but still a kick in the butt.
  2. BENCH- it took only 6 sets of singles to reach my max for the day of 285. No real loss here. I expected a good single at this weight in good form, and got it.
  3. DEADLIFT- 4 singles to reach my max for the day, and it was a rough pull of 405. I was hoping for 425, but i got over confident and made a bigger jump in weight to 405 than I should have. Oh well.

Directly following the last dead lift, I started the first 1 mile run to start “Murph”, and didn’t stop until I finished the last step of the final 1 mile run. I did not partition the exercises, and completed each in succession resting when needed. I hit a wall at about the 200th squat, and really had to work to get through the last 100. To my suprise, the last mile was much better than expected. All the work on running has def initely paid off.

For those not familiar with “Murph”, it is a Crossfit Hero WOD. It consists of-

  • 1 mile run
  • 100 pull ups
  • 200 push ups
  • 300 squats
  • 1 mile run.

To make it harder, you can add body armor or a 20lb weight vest.

When I looked at the work done for the day, I realized how the squat-bench-dead work complemented the WOD. Squat- Push- Pull, run, Pull- Push- Squat, run. Accidents happen I guess, but I will definitely use this combo again in the future.

This was what was on the schedule:

  1. WARM UP- 1 mile run, then 21-15-9 of 95lb “Curtis-P’s” (you can find the exercise demo here: http://www.mountainathlete.com/subpage_details.php?subpage_ID=267&page_ID=14 )
  2. STRENGTH – 5×5 of weighted pull ups with he heaviest weight possible for all 5 sets without dropping weight
  3. ENDURANCE – 30 minute ruck march with 35lb pack
  4. STAMINA – 100 pull ups, every time you drop off the bar, 20 push ups.

Due to time constraints for meetings, and other work items, I had to break it up into three sessions. This is what I did:

  1. I got thru the warm up in the morning ( I hate “Curtis-P’s” more than I hate thrusters)
  2. Strength session and Endurance during lunch- using 28kg KB for all five sets of pull ups, but instead of the ruck march I did a one mile run, and one mile of rowing back to back
  3. and finished the day in the garage with the Stamina work. I ended up completing in 8 rounds of pull ups and push ups.

Main take away from the week

My stride is much more comfortable now when running. My legs have a higher turnover and I can maintain a pace easier than I have been able to in a long time.
< br>
This coming week I have several time trial runs at various distances, and with my renewed confidence in running, I hope to see some real improvement, especially in my 2 mile run time. Hopefully the weather cooperates. We are supposed to get back into the negative temperature range starting Monday. Not fun.

Till next time, take care and good lifting



I couldnt wait for monday!

Ok, so yesterday I posted my intentions for another 6 weeks of 20 rep squats. The cycle’s¬†scheduled to start monday, but I couldn’t wait and went ahead and started today. It all works out, because tomorrow is packed with meetings, classes, and a physical so the gym might not have happened.

The last two weeks of technique work, just focusing on the exercises I enjoy, and total rest days were really needed and they paid dividends today.

Today’s workout will be the monday workout for the next 6 weeks. There are some exercises in it that will be changed or modified, but the basic scheme will remain the same.
The workout:
Warm up-
Some mobility work and a lite jog
The 5rounds of
5 x “Mr Spectacular” with 24kg kettle bells (from Military Athlete)
5x Burpee pull ups

Thick Bar Work (2″ axle)-
Over head press 3×12 at 75lbs
Bench press 3×10 at 165lbs
Bent over rows 2×15 at 135lbs
Curls 2×10 at 75lbs
Squats 1×20 today’s load was 280lbs
Dumb bell pullovers 1×20 at 50lbs
Calves raise 3×20 at 90lbs

I kept the weight low with the Thick bar, and kept the form very strict. When I got to the squats, I did several sets working up to 280 to dial in my technique, and then went after it. To get to 20 was awesome, but damn, it hurt.

Lessons Learned and Applied today:
One thing I learned from last cycle was that I fail to force the belly out later in the set. This time I wore a belt. It was not set tight, but only snug enough to keep it in place. To have a reference point really helped me focus on my breathing and setting the abs every rep. Another improvement was my hands were closer together by about an inch on each side, and doing this kept the elbows under the bar making my body much tighter.

Today was a beast, but it will be the heaviest day the whole week. I will only squat one day a week, and friday will be dead lift work. After today, I am glad I made that decision. My hamstrings, hips and butt are already aching, and some cramping set in earlier today that was no fun at all.

I am applying lessons learned from last cycle, and seeing improvements in both my technique, and results.

Till next time,

Take care and good lifting,


Goerner’s “the chain” pt II

After reading about Goerner’s workouts again monday night, I decided to do a whole workout loosely following one his.

First up, “the chain” using dumbbells. Started at the 20 pounders, and worked my way up 5lbs at a time to 90lbs left handed, and 95 right handed.

Next were DB snatches. Started at 25 pounds and worked up by 10lb jumps to 95 left handed and 105 right hand.

Next I did some barbell work-
1 hand barbell clean and jerk singles. Started at 95lb and added 5lbs up to 105 left handed, and 115 right hand.

Now I switched to 2 hand clean and jerks.
I did 4 sets, of 3 hang cleans and then a jerk at 115. This was something I had never done before following all the 1 hand work, and I have to say it took all 4 sets before my technique came back.

Once I felt comfortable with the clean and jerk, I moved to power clean and jerk singles. Started at 135, and added 10lb each set until I hit a new PR of 200lbs overhead.

I will admit to not being very good at 2 hand barbell overhead lifts. I always seem to do better with one handed lifts, and most of my overhead work is done with high rep kettle bells, but to finally get 200 locked over head, I can’t wait to see how long it takes to get the 225 up. Now I have a new goal.

After the workout, I did some mobility work and stretching. It was a great workout, and all of it based off an iron history icons work.

Take care and good lifting,